Event to open with screening of first Tarzan movie ever made

<p class="indent">The seventh annual Lake Charles Film Festival will be Oct. 5-6 at the Brimstone Museum Complex and Henning Cultural Center in Sulphur. Featuring more than 70 independent films — in a variety of categories — the festival will include screenings, seminars, parties, an awards ceremony and a guest appearance by a Hollywood film actor.</p><p class="indent">The Lake Charles Film Festival has grown and evolved over the years, according to Patrick Bennett, festival director.</p><p class="indent">“We have had a lot more buzz throughout the year,” he said. “These filmmakers, they come from all over and they go back and tell their friends about the experience bringing more artists each year.”</p><p class="indent">Independent filmmaking should not be confused with amateur films, Bennett said.</p><p class="indent">“Some of these are just as good as you’d see in the movie theatre but they’re not Hollywood films. They’re made by individuals and groups of professionals.”</p><p class="indent">This year’s festival will include local, regional and international screenings of films ranging in length from three minutes to two hours. In addition to the range of genres being presented, Bennet said he is quite excited about the production value showcased in this year’s festival.</p><p class="indent">“With the new technology that comes up and changes every year, films are getting better and better,” he said. “It’s amazing and just an open field for competition.”</p><p class="indent">The festival’s opening film will be the 100th anniversary screening of the first Tarzan movie ever made, “Tarzan of the Apes” (1918), shot in Morgan City.</p><p class="indent">The festival will a showcase series of other “homegrown” films, including a feature length documentary from Lauren Durr called “1000 Year Flood” about the 2016 storm that brought 33 inches of rain to South Louisiana in only three days.</p><p class="indent">The festival will also debut original productions, including Christopher R. Mihm’s “Guns of the Apocalypse” and spotlight internationally awarded films like Lorraine Portman’s “Falling South.” Celebrity guest Jay Underwood will be present for autographs, photos and a question and answer session his work in film projects including “Uncle Buck,” “The Fantastic Four” and “Star Trek: Voyager.”</p><p class="indent">Admission to the Lake Charles Film Festival is free. For the complete screening schedule and a list of additional festivities visit, <span class="text_link link_wrap type_url" data-link-type="URL" data-link-target=""></span> or <span class="text_link link_wrap type_url" data-link-type="URL" data-link-target=""></span></p>””<div class="Caption"><p>The first “Tarzan” movie was filmed in Morgan City, La. in 1918.</p></div>