Laughlin, Hollingsworth to vie for Elton mayor seat in runoff

JENNINGS — Elton mayor Roger “Tony” Laughlin will face former mayor Cathy Hollingsworth in a Dec. 8 runoff election.

Unofficial, but complete returns show Laughlin pulled 185 votes, or 44 percent as opposed to Hollingsworth who drew 152 votes, or 36 percent. The third candidate, Mike Pierrotti got 83 votes, or 20 percent.

In Elton voters narrowly re-elected three incumbents for alderman and seated two others. Incumbent Avella Ackless got 262 votes, or 15 percent; incumbent Kesia Lemoine got 261 votes, or 15 percent; Brandilyn Soileau, with 255 votes, or 15 percent; incumbent Shirley Lafleur Johnson with 251 votes, or 14 percent; and incumbent Tony Guillory with 250 votes, or 14 percent.

Other candidates were incumbent Michael Bellon who received 240 votes, or 14 percent, and Marilyn Broussard Granger with 218, or 13 percent.

In Lake Arthur, five candidates were elected outright from a field of seven to serve the town. Seated were Sampson “Poncho” Lejeuene, with 532 votes, or 18 percent; Ricky Monceaux, with 516 votes, or 17 percent; Bobby Palermo with 481 votes, or 16 percent; David Hanks, 470 votes, or 16 percent; and Auldon Robinson Sr. with 468 votes, or 16 percent.

The other candidates were Kirk Conner with 388 votes, or 13 percent, and Amos “Ace” Beverly receiving 133 votes, or 14 percent.

In the School Board District 7 race, incumbent Jimmy Segura was re-elected with 558 votes, or 65 percent, over Timothy Guinn who garnered 294 votes, or 35 percent.

In School Board District 13, voters elected Terry Leger with 470 votes, or 57 percent, over Greg Pousson who got 357 votes, or 43 percent. Jody Singletary did not seek re-election.

In the 3rd congressional district race, voters favored incumbent Clay Higgins with 6,156 votes, or 67 percent.

Voters also favored Kyle Ardoin for Secretary of State with 2,936 votes, or 32 percent. Voters supported all the amendments while opposing fantasy sports.””Stock Voter Button