Welcome to SW La., tourism professionals

The American Press

<p class="p1">More than 500 tourism professionals from around the state are gathering in Lake Charles this week for Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser’s annual travel summit.</p><p class="p3">Nungesser is expected to launch his fall marketing campaign at the conference as well as a new movie trailer that aims to assist visitors in locating some of the more than 2,500 film locations where Louisiana played a prominent role. </p><p class="p3">During the summit, participants will also attend educational breakout sessions and workshops addressing the latest industry trends. </p><p class="p3">The <em>American Press</em> would like to welcome everyone attending the conference to our neck of the woods. We’re glad you’re here and we hope the experience this week will be rewarding for you.</p><p class="p3">Whether it’s the culture, cuisine, music, recreational facilities, hunting and fishing opportunities, hospitality or abundant scenic byways, Southwest Louisiana has a lot to brag about. </p><p class="p3">While you’re here, catch up with the staff of the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention &amp; Visitors Bureau. Their team has worked hard to keep things exciting and fresh in our area, making sure all who visit have an enjoyable time. They give all of Southwest Louisiana a good image around the world.</p><p class="p3">The spending that comes along with tourism — dollars spent on food and beverage, lodging, recreational activities, tickets to entertainment venues and more — has helped myriad small businesses and communities across the state flourish. The future of Louisiana looks brighter and is gaining momentum thanks in part to all of you.</p><p class="p3">It’s important for us to note that most of the people who live in the area have the ability to move elsewhere. But they elect to reside here because it’s a place of friendly greetings and big ambitions where the next new opportunity seems just around the corner. </p><p class="p3">We hope you feel the excitement, too, during your stay. </p><hr /><p class="p4">This editorial was written by a member of the <em>American Press</em> Editorial Board. Its content reflects the collaborative opinion of the Board, whose members include <strong>Crystal Stevenson, John Guidroz</strong>, <strong>Jim Beam</strong> and <strong>Mike Jones</strong>.</p>””bridge4.jpg””<p>Art is showcased, homegrown crab dishes are served and local craft beer is sampled during the Arts &amp; Crabs Fest held at Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles, La., Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018. (Rick Hickman/Lake Charles American Press)</p>Rick Hickman””Fisheye exterior.jpgDonna Price””nwrh.0508.contraband.days 004.jpgRick Hickman””<p>Water fountain at Lake Charles Transit March 2015</p>Donna Price””<p>Donna Price / American Press A flock of young egrets takes flight over a grassy field on Cappo Road in Lake Charles Monday.</p>Donna Price