Manuel remains Oberlin mayor, Guillory mayor of Reeves

OBERLIN — Joseph “Moo-chie” Manuel was narrowly re-elected mayor of Oberlin and Chris Guillory was elected the new mayor of Reeves, according to unofficial results from the Secretary of State.

Manuel received 385 votes, or 51 percent, over opponent Marilyn G. Robinson who trailed with 377 votes, or 49 percent.

In the race for Oberlin Police, incumbent Grady K. Haynes was re-elected with 442 votes, or 57 percent. Darrell “Fig” Pitre drew 228 votes, or 30 percent, with Wayne Courville receiving 102 votes, or 13 percent.

A Dec. 8 runoff election is slated for the alderman at-large seat in Oberlin after both candidates drew 50 percent of the vote.

Incumbent Carl Wayne Smith had 371 votes with Wallace Bellard receiving 365 votes.

In the Oberlin District 1 alderman race, Romelzy Willis Jr. narrowly defeated incumbent Carey Marcantel. Willis got 99 votes, or 52 percent, to Marcantel’s 90 votes, or 48 percent.  

For District 3 alderman in Oberlin, Jonathan “Jay” Lewis II unseated incumbent Tommy D. Germany.

Lewis received 122 votes, or 63 percent over Germany who got 73 votes, or 37 percent.

In District 4, Bobby R. Thomas was elected alderman with 147 votes, or 67 percent, over Wesley Guillory Jr. who got 73 votes, or 33 percent.

In Reeves, Chris Guillory narrowly unseated incumbent mayor Scott Walker with 64 votes, or 59 percent. Walker received 44 votes, or 41 percent.

Reeves voters elected Mick Estay, Glenn Ducharme and Randy Credeur as aldermen from a field of seven candidates.

Estay got 70 votes, or 28 percent; Ducharme got 48 votes, or 19 percent; and Credeur had 41 votes, or 16 percent.

Other candidates were incumbent Robin Newell who got 35 votes, or 14 percent; Lorena F. Pitre with 33 votes, or 13 percent; Charles L. Bruce with 13 votes, or 5 percent; and Deborah A. Watkins with 10 votes, or 4 percent.

In Kinder, a runoff will be held between LaToya Tunwar and incumbent Sylvester “Scoop” Popillion for the District 1 council seat. Tunwar narrowly lead with 88 votes, or 49 percent, over Popillion who garnered 81 votes, or 46 percent.

Patterson Fuselier drew 9 votes, or 5 percent.

In the School Board District 7 race, Kevin Tyler unseated incumbent “Susie” Reeves. Tyler had 806 votes, or 67 percent, to Reeves’ 404 votes or 33 percent.

The Justice of the Peace Ward 2 race is headed to a runoff after both candidates drew 50 percent of the votes. Joanna Wallace Sneve had 835 votes and James R. Nesmith Jr. got 826.

In the Constable Justice of the Peace Ward 1 race incumbent Mark Bailey lead with 668 votes, or 60 percent, over Earl Morrow II who got 442 votes, or 40 percent.

In the 4th congressional district race, voters favored incumbent Mike Johnson with 4,268 votes, or 72 percent.

Voters also favored Kyle Ardoin for Secretary of State with 1,615 or 27 percent. Voters favored amendments 1, 2, 3 and 5 and opposed amendments 4 and 6. The parish voted against fantasy sports betting.””Stock voting sign