Hungry for the perfect muffuletta?

Head over to Pappy’s

<p class="p1">New Orleans might take the credit for inventing the muffuletta. But Pappy’s may be the place it was perfected. For the best, and possibly the largest, muffuletta you will ever sink your teeth into, head to Pappy’s. Order a half for $9. Get a whole sandwich and feed four — real eaters, not just posers — for $15. It’s not a double-decker. It’s substantial, but easy to eat without making a mess.

<p class="p3">The bread can’t be beat. Owner Justin McQuiston orders it fresh from New Orleans. The crusty top layer is paper-thin. The inside is oh so tender, and the olive dressing is made right there in Pappy’s kitchen at 2627 Ryan St. Sides include fresh-made, deep-fried onion rings, sweet potato fries and curly fries. 

<p class="p3">Pappy’s has had the reputation of being a professional and working man’s lunch place and after-hours hangout. Women now know how good the food is, and a few were there during the food review, sipping on white wine and enjoying their food orders. No children.

<p class="p3">The loyal customer base — the ones who greet each other by name and order “the usual” with a look — have made their way back after an extensive and lengthy remodel. Seats are plentiful. Board games are available for leisurely evening dining.

<p class="p3">Pappy’s serves the classics: chicken salad, BLT and club, plus a jalapeno baked club. Choose from eight different po’boys. Donna Price ordered the Philly cheesesteak po’boy with roast beef, grilled onions, bell pepper, mayo and cheese. 

<p class="p3">The roast beef was exceptionally lean and tender and cut paper thin. She ate the entire thing (something she seldom does, which amounts to high praise).

<p class="p3">Burger specialties include the blue cheese stuffed, blackened season burger, LSU Burger and The Nasty. (You might need a fork and multiple napkins for this one. It features two eggs ever easy, bacon, fried onions, pepperjack cheese and special mayo. <em>American Press</em> Advertising Manager Karen Cole recommended the Crazy Dude, a chicken fried steak, jalapeno mayo, jalapeno cheese, lettuce and tomato on a jalapeno bun.

<p class="p3">Chef Charles Broussard is tops at offering up great-tasting quality. Food was out quickly. 

<p class="p3">Pappy’s offers an extensive wine, beer, liquor and mixed drink list. Next door to the restaurant is the pub, where over 30 on-tap beer selections are available.

<p class="p3">Drinks are available at the restaurant, and food can be delivered to the pub.

<p class="p3">Food hours are 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 5-10 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. 

<p class="p3">Call 436-2813 to find out more.