LSU pitching regains respectability

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<p class="p1">Evidently Paul Mainieri had done the math in advance.

<p class="p3">But shortly after No. 3 starter Ma’Khail Hilliard keyed LSU’s combined shutout of Mississippi State to clinch the Southeastern Conference series last Saturday, Mainieri did one last double-check of the box score.

<p class="p3">“It’s official,” he shouted in hallelujah style. “Our ERA is under four.”

<p class="p3">He was right — 3.82 to be exact.

<p class="p3">It took seven weeks.

<p class="p3">But it’s been steadily improving ever since a disastrous opening week — when the team ERA was 7.50 — to where pitching now seems the least of the Tigers’ problems.

<p class="p3">And that ERA is still dropping after the Tigers tuned up for this week’s key SEC series at Texas A&amp;M with a 10-1 victory over Nicholls State on Tuesday night.

<p class="p3">That brought it to 3.73 heading into College Station.

<p class="p3">Even that is misleading.

<p class="p3">The Tigers still rank No. 12 among the 14 SEC teams in team ERA.

<p class="p3">But in SEC games only — where typically, considering the competition, the numbers are worse — the Tigers’ ERA is 3.04.

<p class="p3">In conference play, the Tigers’ ERA ranks No. 2 in the SEC.

<p class="p3">LSU first two weekend starters, Zack Hess (4-3, 4.93 ERA) and Caleb Gilbert (3-2, 3.79) have shown steady improvement and Hilliard (6-1, 0.76), a freshman, has been one of the season’s most pleasant surprises in locking down the No. 3 spot. His ERA leads the SEC.

<p class="p3">But the bullpen, which had its own struggles early, has been even better of late. The relievers have not allowed a run in their last 291⁄3 innings while allowing one inherited runner to score over that period.

<p class="p3">“The bullpen has been phenomenal,” said Mainieri, who suddenly has a wealth of options to mix and match while trying to get the game to closer Austin Bain.

<p class="p3">The Tigers (19-11, 5-4 SEC) head into A&amp;M’s Blue Bell Park tied for second place with Arkansas in a tight SEC race. Those two are one game behind first-place Ole Miss.

<p class="p3">The Aggies (21-8, 3-6) have the opposite dynamic at work.

<p class="p3">Texas A&amp;M is 18-2 in nonconference games and at one time was ranked in the top 10 nationally before a slow start to conference play.

<p class="p3">The Aggies’ 2.83 overall ERA is the best in the conference, eighth best nationally. But in nine conference games that number inflates to 4.68 ERA, 11th in the league.

<p class="p3">A&amp;M is batting .288 overall, but .237 in conference games.

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<p class="p5"><strong>Team Comparisons</strong>

<p class="p6">LSU (19-11, 5-4 SEC): .299 BA; 3.73 ERA; .982 FA.

<p class="p6">Texas A&amp;M (21-8, 3-6 SEC): .288 BA; 2.83 ERA; .970 FA.

<hr /><p class="p5"><strong>Pitching Matchups</strong>

<p class="p6"><strong>7 p.m. Today, SECN</strong>

<p class="p6">LSU, RH Zack Hess (4-3, 4.93 ERA, 38.1 IP, 21 BB, 37 SO) vs. A&amp;M, RH Stephen Kolek (3-3, 3.02, 41.2 IP, 16 BB, 40 SO).

<p class="p5"><strong>6 p.m. Friday, SECN</strong>

<p class="p6">LSU, RH Caleb Gilbert (3-2, 3.79 ERA, 38 IP, 9 BB, 26 SO) vs. A&amp;M, LH John Doxakis (4-1, 2.03, 40 IP, 8 BB, 38 SO).

<p class="p5"><strong>2 p.m. Saturday</strong>

<p class="p6">LSU, RH Ma’Khail Hilliard (6-1, 0.76 ERA, 35.1 IP, 11 BB, 37 SO) vs. A&amp;M, RH Mitchell Kilkenny (6-0, 1.59 ERA, 45.1 IP, 11 BB, 40 SO).

<p class="p1" style="text-align: center;"><span class="s1"><strong>LSU at Texas A&amp;M, </strong></span><strong>7 p.m., SECN</strong>

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