Teenager’s bond reduced to $50,000

A teenager who was arrested in 2017 on eight counts of aggravated assault with a firearm had his bond reduced Wednesday in state district court from $200,000 to $50,000.

<div class="article_viewer_container"><div class="this_article"><div id="articleViewerPopup_articleViewer" class="article_viewer ArticleViewer text use-3d ltr" data-olive-control="ArticleViewer"><div class="animation-wrapper"><div class="align-wrapper offset-wrapper"><div class="zoom-wrapper"><div class="article" lang="en" xml_lang="en" data-view-mode="text"><div class="Content"><p class="indent">J’vaughn Jermaine Guillory, 19, is accused of firing a gun at a group of people after driving through a neighborhood on Arkansas Street on Nov. 9, 2017.

<p class="indent">Guillory has been held at the Calcasieu Correctional Center since his arrest.

<p class="indent">Prosecutor Ben Cormier during the hearing asked Det. Dustin Gaudet of the Lake Charles Police Department about his investigation of the shooting.

<p class="indent">Gaudet said he learned there was a verbal altercation involving a couple of people in the group and those in a vehicle.

<p class="indent">He said shots fired after a person got out of the vehicle “were in a neighborhood with all ages of people including children and the elderly.”

<p class="indent">Gaudet said shell casings were found in the street and that there was a 3-year-old in that group of people when the shooting took place.

<p class="indent">“Evidence did not reveal that anyone from the group returned fire toward the defendant,” he said.

<p class="indent">Wilford Carter, defense attorney for Guillory, asked Gaudet if he had heard of any prior history between anyone in the group and Guillory. The detective said Guillory told him about an earlier physical altercation that had taken place in which he said he had been stabbed and had spent an extended time in a hospital recovering from his injuries.

<p class="indent">Carter asked Gaudet if he was aware that another “alleged shooter” from that night had posted about the incident on social media and included a photo of a gun allegedly used in the shooting and Gaudet said he was not aware of that.

<p class="indent">Jermaine Guillory, father of the defendant, testified about the prior incident in which he said his son had been injured, saying that there were people in that group on the night of the shooting who were responsible for his son’s earlier injuries.

<p class="indent">“My son spent two months in intensive care recovering from being stabbed,” Guillory said. “He almost died.”

<p class="indent">A young cousin of Guillory’s told Carter that another person told her that he “did the shooting and that it wasn’t J’vaughn.”

<p class="indent">Cormier asked her, “So, you have the keys to your cousin’s freedom and yet you never called the police with this information?”

<p class="indent">“No, they (police) should have come to me,” she said.

<p class="indent">Cormier told Judge Clayton Davis, in regards to the defendant, “You don’t seek retaliation by endangering the lives of others, one of which was a 3-year-old child. He (defendant) is reckless and we think $200,000 is a reasonable bond.”

<p class="indent">Davis, in lowering the bond to $50,000, and after listening to everything in the hearing, said, “Some of the things in this case may not be as clearcut as they seem.”

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