Texas musician to play free show at Jack Daniel’s

<p class="p1"><span class="s1">Mason Lively, 20, from the cover of his album “Stronger Ties.” </span></p><a href="mailto:news@americanpress.com"> Special to American Press </a>

<p class="p1">Mason Lively may be a novice when it comes to love, but to hear his songs you wouldn’t know it.

<p class="p3">A small-town Texas boy of only 20, Lively’s music hit the radio waves this year to rave reviews from groups like Texas Music Pickers and New York’s Elmore Magazine — proving you don’t need age and connections to make it as an artist. 

<p class="p3">He’ll be performing his originals on Saturday, April 14, during a free show at Jack Daniel’s Bar and Grill inside L’Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles, fresh off the release of his first full-length album “Stronger Ties,” a multi-genre bluesy blend featuring top single “Lonely Comes Back Around.”

<p class="p3">“I wanted to go into a full-length record with the best songs we wrote,” said Lively, who penned all 10 songs on the album. “We’re really proud of how it came out.”

<p class="p3">He said his goal was to make the record “very diverse,” to where “everybody gets kind of their own little subgenre.”

<p class="p3">Lively said he’s “come a long way” in the past five years of playing gigs and writing songs and is “so excited for people to hear the heart and soul that we put into this record.”

<p class="p3">He said he grew up watching the Texas live music scene on trips to visit family around the state and feels grateful to be a part of that community now.

<p class="p3">“I was inspired by so many of those artists and the way they wrote their songs and performed, the independence of it,” he said. 

<p class="p3">Lively wrote his first piece at age 15 and cut his debut EP “Living Large in a Little Town” at 16. After years of performing, Lively signed on with Lee Crosby Agency in 2017 and soon came under the wing of seasoned frontman Stewart Mann of country blues band The Statesboro Revue.

<p class="p3">As for the future, Lively said his goal is simple: make a career out of playing the music he loves. 

<p class="p3">“As long as people are enjoying our sounds and coming out to our shows, I’m happy,” said Lively. “It’s all about taking little victories.”