Bishop Provost announces hurricane recovery team

Special to the American Press

Bishop Glen John Provost of the Diocese of Lake Charles has announced the leadership and organization for the recovery from Hurricane Laura of churches and facilities within the Diocese.

The Chief of Recovery is the Very Reverend Ruben Buller, V.G. He will oversee all efforts to rebuild the Diocese, most especially in temporal matters

The Council of Deans, the Very Reverend Edward Richard, V.F.; the Very Reverend Matthew Cormier, V.F.; the Very Reverend Rojo Koonathan, V.F.; and the Very Reverend Keith Pellerin, V.F.; will oversee and assist the pastors and parochial vicars in their efforts to provide for the pastoral needs of the faithful.  The Reverend Monsignor Daniel Torres, V.G., will chair the Council of Deans and meet regularly with the Deans to make recommendations for any changes or adjustments and the future of parishes severely compromised or destroyed.

The Director of Temporal Goods is Stephanie Rodrique. She will negotiate, monitor, catalogue, document and direct all transactions for donations, revenues, expenditures, insurance and disaster relief, remaining in constant contact with pastors or their delegates regarding damage, estimates, repairs, and rebuilding. This Director of Temporal Goods will also meet with the Diocesan Building Commission to review recovery efforts, report on progress, and seek the advice and input of the professionals on the Commission. The Director will work closely with the Chief Financial Officer of the Diocese.    

The Recovery Secretary is Brittany Beale. She will document all activities involving the temporal matters for the recovery efforts, working directly subordinate to the Chief of Recovery and the Director of Temporal Goods.    

Bishop Provost also announced that the Diocese has established a central phone number via cell phone: 337-888-6026. Diocesan business may be conducted Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  

Communications are limited. The Deans are playing a special role in conveying information to the pastors and the parishes. Bishop Provost expressed his appreciation for their work and the heroic efforts of so many of our clergy, religious and laity.Bishop provost

Kirk Meche