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Today, many happy moms throughout the Lake Area breathed a collective sigh of relief. The 2018-2019 school year has begun. 

“All moms deserve a little me time,” said Danette McManus, owner of Slender Solutions. “And now is the perfect time to get it.”  Slender Solutions logo.jpg

Pampered. Invigorated. Inches gone. Healthy glow.

Over time, toxins accumulate in the body for a variety of sources. Even stress plays a role. This can cause poor circulation, water retention and a bloated feeling. Slender Solutions uses specific application techniques, including an infrared sauna, FDA approved minerals and other ingredients to detoxify and contour the body.

Slender Solutions is not a spa. Spas generally focus on exfoliating or moisturizing the outer skin layer, according to Brady. Slender Solutions focuses on achieving visual, measurable results. Clients have lost six to 20 inches and leave feeling pampered, rejuvenated and with a healthy glow.   

Clients have included those wanting to look their best for homecoming celebrations, swimsuit season, Mardi Gras balls and during that walk down the aisle to Wagner’s Bridal Chorus.

Slender Solutions helps new moms, the middle-aged fight the battle of the bulge and seniors seeking relief from joint stiffness. 

Slender Solutions offers special ionizing foot baths. The photos show how the treatments can help draw certain toxins from the body.

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Services appeal to clients who don’t necessarily like exercise, the serious and healthy dieter who needs a little nudge of encouragement, and those who have lost weight and want to deal with little bulges that may remain. Even the exercise enthusiast can reap the power of the wrap to rid the body of lactic acids.

The Slender Solutions atmosphere is soothing. McManus, Candace Brady and Christine Ryder are the picture of health and vitality, eager to show you how they can help you achieve the same. continue the Slender Solutions tradition of nurturing, serving and offering encouragement to each client.

The tradition continues.

In 1998, Dixette Williams, McManus’ mother, realized the potential of the detoxifying body wrap, and she opened the doors to Slender Solutions, the first body-wrapping salon in Southwest Louisiana.

“Some people think we’re still at the McNeese Street location,” McManus said.

When Williams died in 2013, Slender Solutions temporarily shut its doors. Last year, McManus and one of Williams’ former technicians, Candace Brady, joined forces to reignite and continue Williams’ dream in Oak Crossing at 5656 Nelson Road in Lake Charles.

Visit to feel great and add your lost inches to the Slender Solutions story. Get tan without harmful UV rays. Call 337-562-9400 to schedule for results that can not only be felt, but measured. 

What happens during a body wrap?

A technician applies a detoxifying solution then carefully wraps the body to encourage compression. This helps the body begin to naturally rid itself of the toxins creating pockets between the fat cells. Minerals also nourish the skin, leaving it smooth and tightened with a remarkable improvement in the appearances of cellulite. The Deluxe Infrared Body Wrap combines the fat-burning effects of our infrared slimming treatment with the inch loss and cellulite reducing benefits of the signature mineral body wrap. 

What is the Infrared Heat Sauna?

Far infrared waves can penetrate deep to generate warmth and expand blood vessels. This helps the body release toxins and can provide immense relief to muscles and helping alleviate chronic pain caused by joint stiffness and some forms of arthritis. Some studies have shown that far infrared heat makes connective tissue more flexible, permits greater joint movement and brings about increased levels of endorphins, which ease pain. Generally, this therapy does not cause any significant rise in core body temperature or in blood pressure, which makes it a good choice for many seniors and those with cardiovascular problems.


The Slender Solutions team is, from left, Manager of Operations Candace Brady, Owner Danette McManus and Wrap Technician Christine Ryder.

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Slender Solutions is in the Oak Crossing Business Park at 5656 Nelson Road in Lake Charles.

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The late Dixette Williams began Slender Solutions in 1999. Her daughter Danette McManus continues the tradition today.

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Slender Solutions Manager of operations Candace Brady getting prepped for a body wrap.

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