Let the seasoned pros at Wise Publications help you get your book in print

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Many of the hundreds of books available at Wise Publications’ brick and mortar location and through its online bookstore began with an author saying, “I have this idea for a book, but….”

Wise Publications gets books in print: meaningful stories that would be lost to us forever, stories that capture the imagination of children, memoirs sure to be appreciated now and by future generations, histories of local pioneer families and communities and words that inspire or entertain.DSCN9990.jpgReaders love reading stories about the who, what, when and how behind the shaping of their communities.

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“We’ve printed 3 million books for over 10,000 authors over the last 38 years,” owner Larry Wise said, “and we do it all right here.”

Wise Publications specializes in publishing hardback and paperback books in quantities as little as one to as many as 10,000 at reasonable prices to fit the customer’s budget.

From explaining the publishing process to suggesting ideas for marketing the finished product — and every detail in between — Wise publications can help.

“We welcome phone calls and enjoy finding out what folks are working on and how we might be able to help,” said Wise. “Even more satisfying is the day we put the finished book into the author’s hand for the first time. Creative people like the human connection.”DSCN9993.jpgMemoirs are a popular topic at Wise Publications. Shown here is the crafting of a hardback.

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Self-publishing websites lack this personalized interaction.

“We personally design typeset, print and bind about 300 titles a year,” Wise said.

Genres include cookbooks, genealogical, theological, poetry, memoirs, self-improvement, memoirs, novel, history and children’s.

Wise Publishing doesn’t just get books in print. Wise Publishing can also help authors go from idea to outline, from outline to chapter titles, from chapter titles to finished chapters and so on. Proofing, editing, illustration and even ghost writing services are available.20200619_152654.jpgEvery aspect of book making — from printing pages to binding and producing paper and hardback covers — is available at Wise Publications in Sulphur.

Larry Wise is known as a canny, meticulous, detailed craftsman with the highest standards. He is friendly but straightforward and all business. He’s not going to push you to publish or promise your self-published memoir — as funny as some of the stories are and as amazing as it is that you’re still alive — will sell like those of self-published author J.K. Rowling or James Patterson. (He might remind you how much your family and friends will enjoy your book.)

“It’s typical to print only 25 or 50 memoirs, Wise said, “enough for family and close friends. I advise clients to print the number of books they know they can sell or want to give to family and friends for Christmas. They can always publish more.”

Through the years, it’s been clear that people love reading about their hometowns, about the people who lived there before them. Pride of Place books ­— well received in a regional market — don’t do well nationally, making Wise Publications an ideal publishing choice for histories and nonfiction works by local authors.

Wise Publications also publishes some of the titles itself, titles that will sell well through its website. Those authors receive royalties.DSCN0008.jpgIn-house graphic designer Kaitlyn Stephens designs eye-catching covers.

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Wise Publications has also printed books for authors who are now with national publishers.

“When your books sell well, that can happen,” Wise said.

Wise Publications can help curate photographs and information for nonfiction and histories and advise on design. Professional in-house designers use skills to enrich the words in print.

“I’ve met and published books for some real characters, great story tellers who struggle with writing,” Wise said. “Oral histories, those are gold. I’ve met solid writers who have trouble developing characters. I think the biggest obstacle these folks face in getting their work published is they don’t realize it’s doable. It’s satisfying and it can be rewarding.”

Call Wise Publications at 337-527–8308 to discuss your book idea. Visit the online bookstore at www.wisepublications.biz.