Tuscaloosa will never be mistaken for Las Vegas.

So apparently what happens in the Bryant-Denny Stadium visitor's locker room doesn't always stay there.

The sanctity of the locker room is just the latest casualty of social media.

LSU head coach Ed Orgeron went viral in the aftermath of the Tigers' upset of Alabama over an emotional and expletive-filled address to his team immediately after the game.

One of his players was taping it with his smart phone and put it out on social media, the highlight of which had the LSU coach saying "Roll Tide! (expletive) you!"

"I wish that wouldn't have happened," Oregon said, while not apologizing for the remarks. "That shouldn't have happened."

Orgeron did not name the player who went public after taping the moment, but said he had spoken to him.

"He felt bad about it," Orgeron said. "They're so used to having those phones all the time ... I think it's just a product of the day. Everybody carries their phone with them all the time. I don't think it was done with malcontent. I addressed it with the young man, and I don't think it's going to happen again.

"The things that I say outside to the media, those are the things I want to get out. If I wanted that to get out, I would have said that outside. But you get emotional when you talk to your team. It's your family. Just like we all talk to our family. We talk around the dinner table, we say some things that outside of the family we wouldn't say. There was no means to hurt anybody. Nothing like that. It was just a fiery moment, a very emotional moment with our team. That's all that was."

File this one away under: Things You Never Thought You'd Hear Come out of Bryant-Denny Stadium:

But this was LSU coach Ed Orgeron genuflecting Monday on his Tigers' 46-41 upset:

"This was the best officiated game I've been a part of," Orgeron said Monday. "I thought those guys did a tremendous job officiating the game. I called (SEC director of officials) Steve Shaw and told him that.

Orgeron, in particular, was asked about the controversial catch by Thaddeus Moss that set in motion the wild final minute of the first half when LSU scored 14 points for a 33-13 halftime lead.

"Hey, when we got that call I said, ‘Hey, it's our day,'" Orgeron said.

The catch was upheld — much to ire of the Tide fans —after a lengthy review determined Moss had gone out of bounds, but had come back and re-established himself inbounds before making the catch.

It was legal, the SEC said, because it was ruled he was forced out.

"So if you're pushed out of bounds you can come back and be the first to touch the ball and that was that was the ruling.

Orgeron was also asked if an Alabama player should have been ejected for a blantantly late hit moments later following an LSU interception that accounted for the final points of the half.

"When we got that catch, when that catch was not overturned, I wasn't complaining about anything else," he said laughing.

Alabama finished the game with seven penalties for 53 yards while LSU had four for 35 yards.


Orgeron took the blame for Alabama's 64-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter, the only points allowed by the LSU defense in the first half, admitting it was one cat-and-mouse game that Bama's coching staff won.

Replays showed freshman cornerback Derek Stingley looking at his sideline for coaching instructions when the ball was snapped, allowing receiver DeVonta Smith to blow by him easily.

"He was doing what he was coached to do," Orgeron said, adding that it was something the Tide had picked up on film and used against the Tigers. "That's not his fault, I got to take the blame for that."

Orgeron called it a good pickup on Bama's part.

Normally when the Bama quarterback claps his hands, he then looks at his own sideline for a play call, as many teams do. LSU cornerbacks counter by looking to their own bench for any adjustment signals.

"But he (quarterback) fake-looked over and the guy ran a fade on him. That's something we should have covered."

Wounded Tigers:

Alabama is always a physical game, but LSU came out of pretty healthy. The only casualty was starting right tackle Austin Duculus.

"Other than that we're about as healthy as we've been," Orgeron said.

He also said that the Tiger might try Badara Taore at right tackle and will also experiment with moving guard Adrian Magee to left tackle with Ed Ingram moving to the guard spot.

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