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Recovering after a disaster that causes water or smoke damage can be a traumatic experience. Calling APEX Disaster Specialists is the first step to restoring peace of mind and property.

"We're a local company with an inventory of equipment extensive enough to handle any-sized disaster," said Jennifer Rulon, owner. "Not every restoration business can say that. We're available 24-7 and promise a 90-minute response time regardless of the size of the disaster. Equipment availability and response time is crucial in recovery."

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APEX Disaster Specialists are local, family-owned and promise a 90-minute response time. Call 337-626-3725 to find out how to supplement your emergency preparedness program and make your company a priority when the phones start ringing after a major weather event or catastrophe.

Business interruption and property loss can be reduced when commercial property owners and managers supplement their emergency preparedness program with the APEX Code Red Commercial Solutions Plan. Customers with this plan receive priority when the phones start ringing after a major weather event or other catastrophe.

APEX uses programs that allow its customers and insurance adjusters to follow the restoration process start to finish.

If you're worried about the accumulation of dirt, Sub-Saharan dust, ragweed pollen and pet dander in carpets, rugs and air conditioning ducts, APEX can help with that too. Recently they cleaned 12,000 linear feet of air ducts for one of their customers.

APEX started small, taking on its first job 20 years ago. Its mission was to become Southwest Louisiana's choice for residential and commercial water damage as well as restoration and moisture control services.

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APEX Disaster Specialists are available 24-7, and can respond quickly with the equipment needed to reduce loss.

"I think our growth is a good indicator of the quality of our work and satisfaction of our customers," Rulon said. "Our equipment is advanced. Our technicians are certified. Our chemical and biological
 decontamination product is state of the art and we're the exclusive provider of TES-World's Fastest Drying System."

APEX has the only rug cleaning plant of its kind between Lafayette and Houston. Rug plant owner Judi Wright is trained in rug cleaning from the simple to the high-end.

"Not every rug is cleaned the same," Wright said, "but we're able to use different techniques, products and equipment to get the job done."

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APEX technicians are certified. Chemical and biological decontamination products are state of the art and APEX is the exclusive provider of TES-World’s Fastest Drying System.

Disasters can make life seem bleak.

"Every day a business is closed, owners are losing money. Some facilities, for instance healthcare services, need to remain operational as we remediate bacteria or decontaminate."

APEX currently offers trained and certified staff, equipment, products and services to kill mold, staff, bacteria, and viruses, providing broad-spectrum decontamination effectiveness.

"Our goal — on each job — is to reduce loss, provide the best quality work at reasonable costs and offer services that result in the best reactive and preventative treatment for home and business." Rulon said.

APEX covers all the bases. For example, in the case of water and smoke damage services, APEX can provide emergency board up, immediate extraction of water, dehumidifying, desiccant/refrigerator drying units, application of anti-microbial products to wet materials to inhibit mold growth, cleaning and decontamination of heating and air-conditioning systems, wet document and vital records recovery and restoration, removal and disposal of wet materials, pack out, moving and storage, temporary power, daily monitoring and recording of moisture levels (important for insurance records), deodorization, structure/content/carpet cleaning, debris removal and reconstruction, such as re-installing drywall/sheetrock.

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APEX offers trained and certified staff, products and equipment to kill mold, staph, bacteria and viruses. APEX offers air-conditioning duct and rug cleaning services as well as restoration work.

"We understand that your hope, maybe even your prayer is that you'll never need us. We join you in that prayer," Rulon said. "We just want you to know we're here and in any emergency, any time, APEX will be there for you."

Call APEX at 337-626-3725 today to ask how you can receive priority service after a disaster or severe weather event.

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Recovering after a disaster that causes water or smoke damage can be a traumatic experience. Calling APEX Disaster Specialists is the first step to restoring peace of mind and property.