The Rise of Skywalker opens in a theater near you Dec. 20. To land a ticket without battling long lines, you’ll need The Force and Lake Charles Toyota to be with you.

Corey Tarver, Lake Charles Toyota general manager and Eric Tarver, Chief Financial Officer, are hosting an opening night party and private screening for the third and final installment in the J. J. Abrams Star Wars sequel trilogy, "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker."

“When The Force Awakens came out in 2015, about half-a-dozen of us took off work and stood in line for six hours to see it” said Corey Tarver. “People in the crowd had their light sabers. Some were dressed up. It was fun."

The Tarver brothers are big Star War fans, and thought it would be cool to have a party with other like-minded Jedi and Resistance fighter-types. So they bought out the Cinemark Theater in 2017 for a private screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedii and hosted their first-ever Star Wars opening night party in December 2017.

“Instead of standing in line – in weather that could be wet or cold or both – Star Wars fans can come here and enjoy a bowl of gumbo and other treats before we head out to the show,” Tarver said. “Or, they can just pick a seat, purchase a ticket and enjoy the show, no waiting."

The opening night party for Return of the Jedi was a big success with around 250 in attendance.  

“Cos players dressed up,” said Tarver. “We had a trivia and costume contest, Star Wars themed video games and a virtual reality light saber show. Movies were playing and we put up a green-screen photo booth. People are already purchasing tickets for this year’s party and private screening.”

This is the show that’s supposed to tie up all the loose ends, according to Tarver. The December 20 private screening gives everyone plenty of time to re-watch favorite Stars Wars movies, but only a Padawan would wait another minute before securing a ticket.

“Good seats go fast,” said Tarver.

Will Rey turn to the dark side? Will Kylo Ren have second thoughts about his destiny? Without Luke or Leia, is the Resistance doomed?

Corey Tarver can’t answer those questions. He doesn’t read spoilers. He believes the element of surprise is great for viewing movies

Lake Charles Toyota front

Lake Charles Toyota also offers a car buying experience that may come as a surprise. Because car shopping at Lake Charles Toyota is appreciably different than what most customers have come to expect, the Tarvers have incorporated the experience into their popular slogan, "Raise Your Expectations."

It may not become as widely known as, May the Force be with You, but in a world where “connectivity” is synonymous with wireless technology, the Tarver family focuses on connecting with each other, employees and with the Southwest Louisiana community – including Star Wars enthusiasts.

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