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We have Franklin Roosevelt and his Rural Electrification Act to thank for making electricity more affordable to rural America. We have GenSet Power Solutions to thank for making standby generator power more affordable.

Right now, and only through June 23, Generac automatic home standby generator is offering a free 10-year warranty — a $995 value! To help with the cost of the machine so customers don't miss out on such a great warranty opportunity, GenSet is offering all 22 KW prepackaged units TAX FREE while supplies last plus one year free maintenance for all customers who get a full install through GenSet (a total Savings of $1,900.00).

"In this day and age, when severe weather conditions are increasing in duration, intensity and frequency, a generator can seem more like a necessity and less like a luxury" said Vanessa Hardy.

Floods, hail and tornadoes battered Texas and Oklahoma last week. According to an AccuWeather report, 30,000 customers were without power. Hurricane season begins June 1. Few Southwest Louisiana and East Texas residents have forgotten the ravages of Hurricane Rita, especially if they lived in one of the 800,000 homes and businesses without electricity for weeks. And of course, homes can lose power when the sun is shining and the winds are still.

Taking advantage of this offer could help give home, industry and business owners the peace of mind they need, especially those who depend on electricity for medical equipment and income.

GenSet Power Solutions Generac automatic stand by generators are installed by certified, trusted technicians.

"I can't say enough about GenSet," said Bonnie James, a customer who lives in rural Beauregard parish known for telling it like it is. "In a day and age when it's possible to encounter so many fly-by-nights, people who can't do their jobs and companies who can't seem to hire and keep skilled and dependable employees, GenSet is an exception. They are wonderful."

Uninterrupted power

When the electricity goes out, the Generac automatic standby generator automatically comes on powering lights, heating, cooling, refrigeration, oven, microwave, water heater, washer and dryer, blow dryer and popular entertainment such as the TV, DVD, computers and mobile devices.

"We'll help customers determine the generator size they need based on the appliances they need powered in the event of an electrical outage," Hardy said.

Over the last decade the company has installed automatic, natural gas and propane-fueled Generac generators for residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Southwest Louisiana.

"My dad started this company in 1993. We've worked hard to gain our customers' trust," Hardy said. "We intend to keep it."

GenSet Power Solutions is a local, family-owned business solely committed to selling, installing, servicing and providing maintenance on Generac generators.

"You can get a Generac generator from a retail store or order one online," Hardy said, "but few can compete with our level of commitment when it comes to delivering service and customer satisfaction."

GenSet offers free in-home estimates for a turnkey installation, completes all necessary warranty work and can provide a maintenance contract with prices beginning at $375. The annual maintenance contract includes two maintenance visits per year, an evacuation program and 24-hour emergency service.

Find out how GenSet Power solutions can give you and your loved ones the modern day comfort, safety and peace of mind needed year round, in season and out. Call (337) 583-2184 to schedule your free in-home estimate today.

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We have Franklin Roosevelt and his Rural Electrification Act to thank for making electricity more affordable to rural America. We have GenSet Power Solutions to thank for making standby generator power more affordable.

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