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For "natural, safe and effective" alternatives to sunscreens, poison ivy medications and a "clean," calorie-free, great tasting electrolyte replenisher, head to Boudreaux's New Drug Store.

Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration proposed a rule to update regulatory requirements for most sunscreen products in the United States. As part of this rule, the FDA is asking industry for additional safety data on 12 active sunscreen ingredients, according to a news release from the FDA Newsroom.

Boudreaux's New Drug Store, at 404 East Prien Lake Road, carries sunscreen products with none of these 12 chemicals.

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The FDA is currently asking industry for additional safety data on 12 active sunscreen ingredients. Boudreaux’s New Drug Store carries sunscreen products that are 100 percent natural, safe and effective with none of these 12 chemicals.

"Our sunscreen products protect you and your family against harmful UVA and UVB rays, and they're 100 percent natural, safe and effective," said Stacy Teer, PharmD, Boudreaux's New Drug. "Broad spectrum sunscreens with SPF values of at least 15 remain a critical element of skin-cancer prevention."

It's not your average drug store. For starters, it's a compounding pharmacy.

"We specialize in compounding custom hormone replacement for men and women, as well as transdermal pain gels to help a variety of pain syndromes without the known side effects with oral medications. We also compound palatable medications for children and your fur babies too." she said.

Boudreaux's can also fill your traditional prescriptions, such as blood pressure and cholesterol medications. The knowledgeable staff is eager to answer questions and discuss the latest studies and information available as it relates to patients' medications and ailments, and the store offers pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements and other products to customize wellness solutions.

Poison ivy, oak
 and sumac a
 growing concern?

Anyone who has had an allergic reaction to urushiol, the oily resin in poison ivy, understands how painfully irritating it can be, and how the rash can quickly spread.

"In the past, some of the most sought-after medications were only available by prescription," Teer said. "This summer, you can find effective medications available on the shelf here at Boudreaux's."

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Boudreaux’s carries Ultima Replinisher, right, a hydration drink with no sugar, carbs or artificial sweeteners. Boudreaux’s also has homeopathic Be Gone Poison Ivy capsules, left. Taking these capsules before coming in contact with poison ivy, oak and sumac reduces allergic reactions in many people.

Some poison ivy, oak and sumac sufferers have expressed favorable results from using homeopathic products before coming into contact with poison ivy to reduce allergic reactions, prompting Teer to have more of these products to choose from beginning this spring.

Go beyond
 quenching thirst

High temperatures, 
high humidity, intense workouts, alcohol consumption, too much caffeine,
 and symptoms from certain illnesses such as fever, diarrhea and vomiting can leave the body depleted of what it needs to function at optimal levels. A great tasting electrolyte replenisher can help.

"We carry a hydration drink with no sugar, no carbs and no artificial sweeteners, flavors or synthetic colors," Teer said. "It tastes great and comes in a variety of flavors for all ages.

Electrolytes help control blood flow and help the body utilize oxygen that can keep muscles cells smooth and strong. Proper functioning of the digestive, nervous and cardiac systems also depend on the right electrolyte balance.

Should you be 
taking this
 supplement or not?

The latest information about vitamins, supplements and natural remedies can be overwhelming and conflicting. Boudreaux's staff can help determine how nutritional supplements, when paired with the right medicines, can help patients with arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid conditions, allergies and prostate health.

Healthy on the inside feels better all over

Boudreaux's New Drug Store offers testing and consultations for men and women which can be the first step to finding out if diet, stress and hormone levels are the culprit behind sleeplessness, memory fog, moodiness, fatigue, bloating, loss of sex drive, headaches and other symptoms that could make summer fun less enjoyable.

Boudreaux's New Drug Store has over 90 years of pharmaceutical experience in the Lake Charles community. It is a family-owned pharmacy and works with all medical fields — including pediatrics, oncology, respiratory, hospice, gastroenterology and veterinary.

To find out more, visit or call 337-436-7216.

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For "natural, safe and effective" alternatives to sunscreens, poison ivy medications and a "clean," calorie-free, great tasting electrolyte replenisher, head to Boudreaux's New Drug Store.

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