If your idea of car shopping inspires dread, you’ve probably never done business at Bobby LaFleur Auto Sales.

“We believe in making the car buying experience straight forward and hassle free,” said owner Bobby LaFleur. “All of our cars have prices clearly marked. We have plenty of inventory to choose from, and it changes often since we price to sell, haggle-free.

Unlike some dealerships and used car businesses, Bobby LaFleur Auto Sales allows customers to take their time browsing without following them around on their heels.

“We greet them, and tell them we’re here to help if they have questions or need a key,” LaFleur said.

Probably the best testament of Bobby LaFleur’s up-front and honest dealings is his years in business.

“My Moss Bluff location has been open for 25 years,” he said.

He has been in the industry, starting with new cars, for the last 35 years, and has no plans to retire any time soon. Bobby LaFleur Auto Sales up-front dealings through the years, the no-pressure shopping experience and fair pricing has allowed him to grow his business to three locations: in Moss Bluff at 480 Hwy. 171 and in Lake Charles at 2610 Kirkman Street and 2111 Broad Street.

“We hand pick every vehicle and stand behind what we sell,” he said. “Many of our first-time customers drop by because they know someone who purchased a vehicle here a few days or even years ago.”

LaFleur said he understands “new car fever. However, purchasing a used car can represent the best financial decision for many people, especially for those who don’t want to pay a note and interest on a purchase that quickly depreciates in value, and especially for parents who are buying first cars for high school and college students.

A new car depreciates in value around 20 percent as soon as it’s driven off the lot. By the end of the first year, a new car purchased for around $30,000 has depreciated around 30 percent, making its value $21,000.

“Plus, today’s cars are designed to deliver more miles than our grandparent’s cars, LaFleur said, “and insurance premiums can be lower for used-cars.”

For those who have their hearts set on a specific model, midsize SUV, large truck, compact car or small SUV, Bobby LaFleur Auto Sales has, between his three lots, vehicles ready for the the lot, a luxury model with leather seats that still has that new car leather smell, models from popular, bestselling brands. He has convertibles and styles the high schoolers and college students will love at the prices sure to please parents. He’s kept overhead low and passes the savings on to customers. There will be no disappearing to “talk to the sales manager.” There won’t be any push to add extended warranties or other “extras.”

“We’re here to sell cars,” said LaFleur, “and we would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.”

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