Which college and pro team has the best set of current uniforms?

WA: Aside from everyone's obvious pick, the olive and blue of Tulane, Ohio State has a clean, simple, classic look with a good color scheme. Bonus points for a great nickname and the Buckeye leaf helmet stickers.

RA: Texas Christian University has some good combinations, including a set that looks like a frog's skin. Some people like the classic look, but I generally like new, unique designs that sets a school apart from others.

tcu uniforms.jpg

Rodrick Anderson gives a thumbs up to Texas Christian University’s frog skin uniforms.

DB: I swear Warren didn't put me up to this, but I love Tulane's uniforms. The powder blue and dark green is such a unique set of colors that clash and compliment each other at the same time. And The Green Wave pull off whatever uniforms they do. The all-white set is super clean, and even the all-black combo is great, even though black isn't one of Tulane's colors. I'm partial to all-black uniforms since my home high school uniform was a black jersey on top of black pants. The helmet decals for Tulane are also great, whether it's the Angry Wave or the old school interlocking green T and white U.

Which college has the worst set?

WA: Oregon. The Ducks looked great in the 1980s with a bright shade of green and cartoon duck mascot. Then they sold out to Nike and started wearing a different ugly set every week. Shame on them.

oregon ducks uniform.jpeg

Warren Arceneaux says the Oregon Ducks sold out to Nike and started wearing “a different ugly set every week.”

RA: Wyoming Cowboys have the worst in college football. They're so plain. They are long overdue to add some life to those jerseys.

DB: I do agree with Rodrick about Wyoming (I just don't like that color combination for football uniforms). But my personal choice is the dark green and neon green uniforms that Michigan State wore last year. Honestly, it's not even the colors that did the uniform in for me, because I like bright colors. But the ‘STATE' in huge font across the chest along with the slightly oversized numbers made the jerseys hard on the eyes. And once that happens, the neon green pants aren't going to garner many favors with uniform traditionalists across the country. Sparty could have done so much better with those.

What's the best looking old football logo no longer in use?

WA: Arizona State had a good look when they had Sparky the Sun Devil on their helmets as opposed to the plain-looking pitchfork they use now. They have also unfortunately gone away from the gold pants.

RA: Oregon State used to have a solid logo with a beaver that looked like its was ready to attack with ‘Beavers' in script under it. Then in 2013 they introduced a new beaver that looks like it stuck its head out of the car window too long.

ibis logo.jpg

David Berry misses the University of Miami’s old Sebastian the Ibis logo.

DB: I'm going with a little bit of the hometown bias here and saying the old Sebastian the Ibis. He's no longer used as a logo for the University of Miami athletics teams, but the old logo of Sebastian in the orange sweater with the white block M and the pipe sticking out of his mouth looking mean is a classic to me. The U updated that logo in the early 2000s, and it was nice, but not the classic that old Sebastian was.

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