What's the best press 
box dish in the area?

WA: The Sulphur softball tournament is unmatched in terms of quality and diversity, and Barbe football provides a pretty good mix, but the best single item is the jambalaya at Iowa High. I believe it originally started as a postgame meal but became so popular it became a concession item. Just before halftime of football games the workers give you three options for a halftime meal. I don't even know what the other two are. The jambalaya hits the sweet spot between savory and spicy and is perfect at late season games when the weather is cool. It is also served at baseball games.

RA: Back in the day when I used to cover McNeese football on a regular basis — around the time of their run to the I-AA national championship game in 2002 — pork steaks used to be a regular occurrence in the press box at Cowboy Stadium. Not sure what is served up these days. Those things were huge and barely fit in the Styrofoam clam-shell container. They were just what you needed before a three-hour game, always well seasoned and tender, and I am the type that will pick every piece of meat off the bone.

What's the best concession stand item you've had?

WA: I'm partial to the fried turkey legs that used to be sold at Washington-Marion. They were so popular among Press sportswriters that the news desk workers asked us to bring them back. They were tasty and big enough for Fred Flinstone to enjoy. However, my mom and older sister swear that the chili dogs were the best item at W-M football games in the 1980s, giving credit to a Miss Joubert for making a homemade chili.

RA: You can never go wrong with a hamburger and fries at a basketball game whether its the normal version with lettuce, onions, pickle, ect., or covered in Jack Miller's sauce. If you ever get a chance to take in a Grand Lake basketball game. Not only does the school has a solid product on the court — boys and girls —, but it also has one of the most professional looking grills I have ever seen for a high school concession stand with some great hamburgers. Good size, juicy, can't pass it up. Over at Iota, you get a burger covered in Jack Miller's sauce and a rare and coveted Mr. Pibb to wash it down instead of the standard Dr. Pepper fare at other stadiums.

What's the best food
 you've had while on a
sports road trip?

WA: A few summers ago former Press writer Tyler Nunez and I made an overnight stay in Memphis and hit a culinary double-double with dry-rub ribs at Corky's Saturday night then an amazing meal at Gus's Fried Chicken Sunday afternoon. Gus's felt more like a traditional Sunday family dinner rather than a fast food joint.

RA: Anytime I have to make a trip to New Orleans for a sporting event, whether its for work or just to watch, I have to make a stop at Oceana Grill on Conti Street. It also happens to be a favorite of the wife and the in-laws, who are all big sports fans, too. I like to keep things simple with their blackened catfish — not over-seasoned like some places do, just right. Another great option is the crawfish fettuccine, the wife's favorite. And can't skip on the crab cakes. Another place that always comes to mind is this particular Mexican restaurant in Nachodoches, or it may have been in Lufkin, Texas. It has been years since I have been there, so I can't remember the name or if it is still open. But loved the food, and it had this spiral-tower conveyor belt machine for cooking tortillas in house. Like the rolls you get before your meal at Texas Roadhouse, they would give you several of those fresh tortillas with some honey. It was real easy to eat too many of those and not leave room for the main course.

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