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This image of the old Barbe-Sallier home on Shell Beach Drive is featured in Jimmy Partin’s “Crazy Story” video.

"Crazy Story — How Lake Charles Got Its Name" is a locally produced YouTube video that combines insightful history and humorous storytelling to deliver an entertaining account of how the city of Lake Charles arrived at its name. Created by Jimmy Partin, creator of the Jimmy and Tina Partin YouTube channel, the video is a quick history lesson that dives into what many probably thought was only folklore concerning the city's past.

"I like to tell people, ‘It's the craziest story because there's a love story between Charles Sallier, his wife, Catherine, and Jean Lafitte. Plus, you're never gonna believe it but someone's shot with an attempted murder! There's just a lot more to our story than you would think."

Partin said his video relies on Lake Charles records and historical data researched by historians Nola Mae Ross and Trent Gremillion.

"They're both just wicked smart and great historians," he said.

The grandson of a World War II veterans, Partin said he's always been a history buff, reading everything he could — especially local history. His videos go the extra mile in their production because he visits each location referenced in his story.

"I was always fascinated with history that was tangible — history you can see and touch. The closer it was, the more special it was to me."

old sallier house.jpg

The “Crazy Story” video explains how the blue house pictured at the top of this page was actually built around the original home of Charles and Catherine Sallier, above.

A musician for many years, Partin said storytelling is another creative outlet for him, and his talent shines through in the Lake Charles video. The combination of his refined storytelling skills plus video footage like the old Sallier home, local cemeteries and natural landmarks create an exciting eight minutes that cause viewers to rethink their community and daily commute.

"I like to show the things people pass by everyday but don't realize the history of that spot."

"Crazy Story — How Lake Charles Got It's Name" has already received more than 1,000 views a good indicator that Partin will continue adding videos to his channel.

View the video on YouTube or by visiting "Lake Charles Historic Neighborhoods" on Facebook.

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