CJ Sprout Restaurant Review

The $8.95 crawfish crepe is a salad served up like a big ice cream cone in a black metal wire stand. A small C-J Sprout poke bowl costs $9.95. Customers choose which base, protein, toppings, sauce and garnish they want. The $4.95 C.J. bubble tea is a mix of Asian black tea and whole milk, served over a base of tapioca pudding balls.

The new C-J Sprout restaurant at 4301 Nelson Road is the perfect spot for a person who likes to make lots of decisions.

With most things on the menu, including the poke bowl, sweet or savory crepes or one of the beautiful and creative ice cream desserts, you can decide this and decide that about it and get it pretty much any way you want it.

For instance, I ordered a poke bowl, pronounced "poh-kay," which is basically a Hawaiian meal or salad with raw fish. Some people can't handle the idea of raw fish, but I would advise those on the fence about it to just try it. Poke bowls are quite good and this one was no exception.

But back to the decision-making thing. When one orders a poke bowl, one must decide on five things: 1. a base, 2. a protein, 3. toppings, 4. sauce and 5. garnish.

Here is how my $9.95 poke bowl took shape:

From the base choices of brown rice, sushi rice or mixed greens, I picked mixed greens.

The protein choices are eight kinds of seafood or chicken. The small poke bowl comes with two scoops of protein. Each scoop can be a different protein or they can both be the same. I made both scoops the Ahi Tuna to keep it simple.

Of the 15 toppings, I chose cucumber, edamame, red onion and strawberry.

My pick of the nine sauces was Umami Shoyu.

My pick from the 16 garnishes list were shredded nori and sesame seeds.

After that you can decide if you want to eat it with a fork or chopsticks, and then decide where to sit in the tastefully appointed green-walled dining area.

With me on this visit were my daughter Katie and my friend Karen. Karen went with the $8.95 crawfish crepe, which contained radish, spinach, cucumber, avocado, tomato and spring mix. Her decision making was limited to choosing between six proteins and five sauces.

The crawfish crepe is basically a salad that is served up looking like a big ice cream cone in a black metal wire stand. She did say the spicy mayo sauce she chose had lots of kick to it.

Katie had the $9.95 aloha poke burrito roll. This is a simpler thing to order because there are no decisions to make. It contains Ahi tuna, mixed greens, cucumber, pineapple, avocado jalapeños and a classic poke sauce. She also sampled the $4.95 C.J. bubble tea, a mix of Asian black tea and whole milk with small black tapioca pudding balls floating around in the bottom that are sucked up through a giant straw. She is a fan of these teas.

Karen and Katie's meals came wrapped in paper that looked like an old newspaper called "The American Times."

The thing about the meals at C-J Sprout is that they won't weigh you down. You are unlikely to walk away saying you are too stuffed for dessert, which is a good thing because for $6.95 you can try the sweet crepe dessert with yogurt and/or ice cream or a bubble egg waffle ice cream dessert. With the latter choice, you'll be deciding on an ice cream, toppings, fruit and sauce.

If you make the decision to give C-J Sprout a try, hours are 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. every day.

Phone is 337-564-6360.

Online: https://cjsprout.com

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