Well, what do you know? I'm afraid there's more evidence that in today's society half the population expends most of its energy searching for something to be offended about … and the other half seems happy to oblige them.

Either that or Sunday was just a really slow news day in Baton Rouge.

Anyway, I thought we were done with this.

But the local newspaper thereabouts used real ink and newsprint for a scathing editorial that basically demanded that CBS Sports issue an apology to Joe Burrow because the network's cameras caught the LSU quarterback with his trousers being pulled down, resulting in a fair amount of nationwide backside exposure.

I'm happy to report that none of my colleagues over there in the sports department were involved. They were probably still giggling, no matter the gravity of the moment.

And in fairness, the newspaper did not blame CBS, which was doing a live telecast, for not thinking far enough ahead to blot out something that happens every 70 years or so.

But it was wagging a persnickety finger at the network for showing replays of the incident not once, but two (2) times. There seemed to be a fair amount of indignation in the apology demand.

Really? Oh, my goodness, the forced indignation.

Maybe it's just me, but a hint of a sense of humor might have served The Advocate's editorial board far better, although it's possible that by then most of the good puns and double entendres were already taken and Twitter had scarfed up all the best memes. Photoshop, too, has had a merry old time with it.

Afterwards Burrow seemed to be taking it in good stride. He was a little embarrassed, but didn't seem like he'd be scarred for life.

His coach?

"I think it's a good thing in college sports when guys have fun," Ed Orgeron said Monday. "They make fun of me (oh, really?). I'm glad my pants didn't fall down."

He was just warming up.

"College sports, SEC, there's no private moments anymore. That stuff happens, Obviously it was an accident. I'm sure Joe would like to forget it and so would we."

Oh, no, no, no.

Sorry, Coach O, but you've got that part all wrong.

Instead of waiting on an apology, LSU should send CBS a big gift basket to its hotel when the network arrives for this week's Auburn game.

Worry about two replays?

Pu-leeze. Since the Burrow heinie unveiling, ESPN hasn't let 30 minutes go by without digging up some excuse to show it again, with more and more creativity on what they use to cover up bare buttocks. Personal favorite: the "I love Coach O" tattoo.

And that's great.

LSU needs to milk this thing for as long as possible.

Maybe a Burrow bobblehead that looks like the old Coppertone sunscreen print ads. You know, the ones with the little dog pulling down the toddler's beach bottoms.

Back in the day, when the Heisman Trophy race was more of a contest amongst dueling publicists, they used to sit around dreaming up stunts like the Burrow exposé.

And LSU has something like this, unplanned and not staged, fall right in its lap?

It's gold. You can't buy that kind of exposure … uh, publicity.

Embrace it. Run with it. Dare I say, turn the other cheek.

Burrow had barely pulled his pants back up when, in some Las Vegas locales at least, he moved ahead of Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa as the betting favorite for the Heisman.

Coincidence? More likely, the injury Saturday to Tagovailoa had something to do with it. But it sure didn't hurt any.

I'm not saying his moon shot was his "Heisman Moment" but stranger things have happened.

Burrow has to go win the Heisman himself. He'll have to perform in the big upcoming games.

He was already a big blip on the Heisman radar after racing past the likes of Trevor Lawrence (Clemson) and Jake Fromm (Georgia) during the early season. He's already strafed two top-10 teams, Texas and Florida.

But the next two, Auburn and Alabama, are the biggest of the season for him and the Tigers.

Assuming Tagovailoa comes back to play against LSU — and my uneducated guess is that he will — that game could very well be for the Heisman Trophy (among other things).

Burrow's numbers and stats are all there in good order, but that's overrated.

These next two games are where the Heisman Trophy can be won or lost. The big games normally define the trophy's winners.

But in the lead-up to these difference makers, Burrow's name was all over the highlights for a game that otherwise would have attracted scant attention.

Just pronounce the name right in the highlights (or bloopers), as they say. Almost lose your pants on national TV is one way to keep your name front and center.

Yeah, it's up to him. But the drooping drawers incident ought to assure that all the right eyes are now paying attention to whatever he does.

Maybe LSU ought to send Mississippi State's Chauncey Rivers a thank-you note, too.

Scooter Hobbs covers LSU athletics. Email him at shobbs@americanpress.com

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