So, with the BiG and Pac-12 punting on the season, best I can tell, here's your way-too-early final four teams for the 2020 Covid College Football Playoff, in no particular seeding:

1. Clemson.

2. SEC champion.

3. SEC runner-up.

4. Alabama-LSU loser.

Maybe you throw in Oklahoma for its annual cameo appearance, and it would be sweet karma if Nebraska could get its act together, bolt its conference and make good on its whispered threat to cobble together enough of a schedule to give the BiG a big raspberry.

The Cornhuskers were so angry with the BiG's decision that head coach Scott Frost said they were "prepared to look for other options" to find opponents.

Godspeed, Huskers, Godspeed.

But with only three of the five power conferences partaking in the fall, the asterisk police will be out in full force as to whether the eventual national champion gets anything more than a participation trophy.

Let them.

But the BiG will have to sit out this spitting contest. Sorry, but it can have no complaint and no argument. It can even follow its usual protocol and tell the Pac-12 what it is supposed to think, which would be to put your gripes in a sack.

No skin in the game, by their own choice.

We'll see if the BiG really runs the game by whether the tumbling dominoes are limited to the Pac-12.

For a while it was looking as if college football was run by Twitter.

It was a social media firestorm fueled by BiG players and coaches over the weekend that seemingly had the conference rethinking its position to deep-six the season.

The BiG won that power struggle.

But, defiantly almost, the Southeastern Conference plans to play football in the fall. Yes, this fall.

"The easiest thing to do right now is say no," LSU head coach Ed Orgeron said on a Baton Rouge radio show Tuesday morning. "But we want to compete for our players and find out what's best for them. Now, at the end, if our players can't play, I'm not going to put them in harm's way and they know that.

"We're still fighting to play. We want to play."

He basically echoed what SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey has been saying, although it's important to note that the SEC is not 100 percent guaranteeing anything just yet.

Yes, It Just Means More.

But the SEC is just saying that it is still quite hopeful for a season, that roadblocks could still appear and, if so, it will try to fight through them. If possible. But, at any rate, it won't throw in the towel on Aug. 11.

Patience seems to be Sankey's buzz word.

"We will continue to further refine our policies and protocols for a safe return to sports as we monitor developments around COVID-19 in a continued effort to support, educate and care for our student-athletes every day," Sankey said in a statement shortly after the BiG/Pac-12 bailed.

That was the big part of why the SEC delayed the start of its season to Sept. 26.

It may not happen.

But at least the SEC is giving itself a chance.

The BiG and, per its marching orders, the Pac-12, are taking the high road in canceling the season, standing behind the advice of their medical advisors and putting safety first.

That's what the Mid-American Conference did Saturday, which was followed by Tuesday's defectors.

But medical advice in these uncharted waters seems to depend on what sector of the Twitter Machine you land on.

The SEC and the Atlantic Coast Conference have respected licensed professionals telling them that they are on the right track while forging ahead with its optimistic plans.

So if you dig long enough, you can always find the medical opinion you're looking for, and you don't need to be dipping into quackery.

Some doomsayers seem to sound like what we get in the spring in these parts. Every May, like clockwork, we hear dire warnings that the "experts" expect a more active than normal hurricane season.

Makes headlines on a spring slow news day.

And every 10 or 12 years, they're right, so if a Katrina happens to show up they can always tell you they told you so.

Maybe the BiG turns out to be right, even if its timing was premature.

But at least the SEC has given itself enough wiggle room to see, for example, if the apocalyptic predictions of what happens when the general student bodies return to campus come true.

Scooter Hobbs covers LSU athletics. Email him at

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