Now that the decade known as the 2010s is finally over, right on schedule, it's time for those ever-popular top-10 lists.

Try to hide your excitement.

LSU football, for instance. It's been an interesting decade, the first half spent with the state trying to interpret Les Miles and the second half with the world trying to understand a word Ed Orgeron said.

But let's rank LSU's top 10 games of the dearly departed decade. To be honest, it didn't take a whole lot of reminiscing. You could probably have had five or six from this season.

But it could be fun, possibly therapeutic. So let's dig in.

1. 2019 — LSU 63, Oklahoma 28 (Fiesta Bowl): Surely you remember, huh? It wasn't really that long ago. But just to refresh your memory, the Tigers took on the No. 4 team in the country and, basically doing whatever they wanted with jaw-dropping, near-comical ease, scored 49 points in one half of playoff football. The offensive fireworks are too numerous to list, but just as important former LSU nemesis Jalen Hurts found himself in a bad nightmare courtesy of an improving LSU defense. The last game of the decade was LSU's most complete thorough seal-clubbing of the 10 years.

2. 2011 — LSU 9, Alabama 6 (OT): It was the Game of the Century and, although both sides wore helmets, it was probably the last hurrah for old-style football featuring relics like field position, toe-to-toe ball control and rock-solid defense (although LSU wouldn't get the memo until the end of the decade). It was a college game for grown men only. Every first down felt like a life-changing event.

Many times it appeared Alabama was taking control, but the Tigers never let it happen and sneaked out of Tuscaloosa with the win.

LSU fans particularly enjoyed the "crying frat boy" in the Bama student section that CBS cameras caught at the end, epitomized a stunned Tide crowd.

Unfortunately, you may recall, there was a sequel.

3. 2018 — LSU 36, Georgia 16: Gets the edge over this year's SEC championship win over the Dawgs because LSU was supposed to win that latest game. Last year Georgia was ranked No. 2 when it went to Baton Rouge and the Tigers had recently lost to Florida. The Tigers dominated from the start to finish, flirting with a perfect game. It might have been the first inkling to the rest of the world that Joe Burrow might make something of himself.

4. 2019 — LSU 37, Georgia 10 (SEC Championship): Just a reminder, Georgia had the SEC's best defense and the Tigers toyed with it, giving Burrow one last Heisman Moment. It also suggested that the Tigers' defense wasn't quite as shaky when it was healthy.

5. 2019 — LSU 46, Alabama 41: The most important win of this magical season, and on the Tide's home turf in front of the President of the United States. The Tigers needed this one to validate what was looking like a magical season. After totally dominating of the first half, some sloppy defense made thing interesting in the second. But Burrow and the offense scored every time they really needed to and left no doubt which was the best team.

6. 2010 — LSU 24, Alabama 21: Les Miles when he was still the Riverboat Gambler. It was back and forth all game. But Miles dialed up a tidy little tight end around to set up the go-ahead touchdown, then converted a third-and-forever with a 47-yard to completion to seal it. Mainly, it was also the first game that CBS cameras caught Uncle Les munching on the Tiger Stadium grass.

7. 2019 — LSU 50, Texas A&M 7: The Aggies weren't a bad team. A&M is the lone common opponent for Clemson and LSU — Clemson won 24-10 in September. A few minutes into the game, it was easy to forget that it had revenge implications from the seven-overtime fiasco the year before. LSU did whatever it wanted against a quality opponent that looked helpless to do anything about it.

8 . 2011— LSU 40, Oregon 27: The season opener couldn't get there soon enough for the Tigers, who had plenty of distractions in August after a mass curfew break led to a lot of extra laps. But they came out rolling against preseason No. 4 Oregon from the start, swarming all over the Ducks, who had two late touchdowns to make the score semi-respectable. It was afterwards that Ducks' head coach Chip Kelly said, "They've got a little different kind of athlete running out there … they don't look like a lot of the guys we see."

9 . 2011— LSU 47, West Virginia 21: There were a few defensive lapses, but this was a West Virginia team that would go on to beat Clemson 70-33 in the Orange Bowl. LSU waltzed into a crazy-wild stadium and dissected the Mountaineers. Honey Badger (Tyrann Mathieu) went off several times.


Les Miles — Clock management not a strong suit

10. 2010 — LSU 16, Tennessee 14: OK, probably not in the top 10 by any purely aesthetical analysis. But it has to be here somewhere because it was the most Les Miles-esque of all the crazy, nutty, bizarre and unexplainable Les Miles Mad-Hatter victories. I have no memory of what happened the first 59 minutes and 30 seconds, except a far superior LSU team found itself somehow trailing the Volunteers.

LSU mounted a late drive and found itself at the 1-yard line with no timeouts but with a full 30 seconds to play. The Tigers tried a mass substitution just to liven things up, which got everybody confused, mostly themselves.

Tennessee, for instance, countered by subbing in a defense that, by most estimates, utilized 14 or 15 players, not including a few stray tubas. It wouldn't have mattered — LSU was just standing around, apparently content to let the clock run out — if LSU center T-Bob Herbert hadn't snapped the ball into the air just before the clock struck zero. It qualified the mess as a "play" and got Tennessee penalized for having a dozen or so too many men on the field and got LSU an untimed down to score the winning touchdown.

The best part was that Miles still smiled while singing the alma mater and flat out refused to apologize to the Vols afterwards.

Just watching it, my life changed forever.

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