Readers let it all hang out over column

READERS RESPOND — Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards has done a great job managing the coronavirus pandemic, but those who don't agree expressed their displeasure in some blistering email messages.

Sunday’s column about Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards demonstrating outstanding leadership during the coronavirus pandemic and the restoration after Hurricane Laura drew spirited and some profanity-laced email responses.

Some who responded appear to be involved in the effort to recall Edwards that will require 600,000 signatures. The governor said he wasn’t losing any sleep over the recall effort, and those backing it are also expressing confidence it will happen.

A few readers got to the point quickly and succinctly, so they get first priority.

Shawn Cronan said of my support for Edwards, “Are you really that stupid?”

Al F. said, “You will eat crow on this recall.”

Brian Martin said the two main Facebook groups handling the recall effort had combined total likes of 100,000.

“Now keep scrolling and you’ll see hundreds more, all for different parishes,” Martin said. “Now imagine each person knows 6 people who will sign the petition. That’s 600k right there. One lady I talked to estimated she got 10k signatures just by herself in 2 weeks. I am just a random dude and I got 20 signatures of just my immediate family members and I never do stuff like this.

“You seriously didn’t do any research, data compiling or talking to many people for this story. There is almost no group of people Edwards hasn’t effected with his draconian lockdowns and destruction of the state. People hate him.

“The posts talking about your article in one of the groups had 600 likes and comments in under an hour. It’s crazy how journalists are truly the enemy of the people in this day and age, when you used to be looked up to.”

Roger Toups said, “This is beyond FAKE NEWS and WILL be reported as such on every website that we see it posted. Clearly you’re not even remotely familiar with what is going on in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area.

“There are thousands of businesses, including historical businesses, that have closed permanently because of this ‘Just Two Weeks To Flatten The Curve,’ to now being on lockdown over 6 months. You truly have no clue. Also, your ‘journalism’ is clearly biased, as it’s easy to see it within your reporting.”

Braden Welch said, “Shows how much you know, which is little; we aren’t releasing numbers to anyone so there’s no way you would know where we stand.”

Michael Matte said, “You wouldn’t be saying this if you owned a small business negatively impacted by this guy.”

Then came an opposing view from Jeff Wiresinger, who said, “That’s my governor. My small business has done better under him!!!”

Tracy Moore said, “I just read your piece on the governor and I agree to disagree with you. I live in southwest La. and we are NOT getting the help we need. There are many people who are homeless since the hurricane, especially our elderly and JBE had the nerve to say we dodged a bullet.

“Also during the flood of 2016 he went to Washington to supposedly get help for the people and ended up looking like an idiot. Feel free to look up the video on that. People are dying alone in hospitals and nursing homes. Why not let the loved ones in WITH A MASK to say their goodbyes?? So many questions and he has no answers.... how about writing a piece about that?? Thanks for your time.”

Randy Tyler said, “I read your article sir, and you are entitled to your opinion about JBE. However, as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ just let me tell you that you’re not the judge as to who’s wasting their time or not. I feel you wasted your precious time writing such an ignorant abrasive article focused at Conservatives in Louisiana.

“If you’d like to peak into the abuse of power the governor has exhibited or the many other reasons thousands are calling for a recall you might be enlightened. Just know, it’s not over yet and I’m confident that God is still over all authority. Therefore, when He says someone is done, they are.”

J. Banks used some polite profanity when he said, “What a puff piece… You wonder why the Neo Prog Leftist media SUCKS in this country… Because of a lying ass POS like you… You are a cancer to this country… Sad, sick and pathetic.”

Jennifer Campbell is apparently a frustrated writer. She rewrote my column and inserted her own views about the governor. She said Edwards is manipulative, should have never been elected, is forcing people to wear masks, their rights have been violated and Edwards is acting strong in order to not show his weaknesses.

Because of profanity or vulgarity in responses from Thomas Bellman, Zerrin Theriot, John Hochenedel, Don Fontenot 101, Chris Mangum and Dusty Pharris, they don’t belong in a family newspaper.

Reader feedback is always welcome, but it’s only helpful when it comes from people who know how to express their views well.

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