President Trump's visit to the nation's emerging Energy Corridor — the ever-growing liquified natural gas infrastructure and operations on and around the Calcasieu Parish Ship Channel in Calcasieu and Cameron parishes — puts a national spotlight on Southwest Louisiana's potential to be a major global player in LNG trade.

The major pathway to that potential boom in LNG sales is access to markets in China.

The president's visit to showcase LNG as a growing source of America's energy might is a point on which he's absolutely correct. But it also comes at the same time that trade with China is a point of contention and the subject of tariff battles.

Southwest Louisiana's LNG enterprises need to be able to sell and move LNG to China to fully succeed.

LNG stocks, in particular, have been deeply impacted by the ongoing trade issues. Wall Street's volatility just on Monday alone illustrated that.

The U.S. LNG market will grow and expand when U.S. companies can sell to huge global markets?

There's an inability to sell to China — due to tariffs.

That's why successful trade negotiation strategies by President Trump with China can remove trade barriers, reduce the threat of new ones, and unleash the economic and energy might of American LNG — by moving it through the nation's Energy Corridor to markets worldwide.

That's global energy dominance, which the president has spoken of often.

That's economic opportunity for Southwest Louisiana, which has billions upon billions of dollars invested, and planned, for major infrastructure to move LNG at a world-class level.

The president saw the growing Energy Corridor in our region firsthand. Trade strategies that allow LNG to move in major volumes to China — which will see the world's biggest jump in gas demand, going forward — would mean economic success in Southwest Louisiana and another victory nationally.

As we thank President Trump for his visit to Southwest Louisiana, we have a similar bipartisan hope that trade issues are resolved and removed in order to create substantial opportunities for LNG sales to China.

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