Mother's Day

It’s enough of a challenge for a mother to bring up her children and to do it well. So it is with awe today that we honor our mothers.

They fed us, nurtured us and took care of all our needs when we were infants. They were there to kiss our cuts and scrapes when we injured ourselves and offer gentle comfort when we were feeling down. They taught us how to get back up everytime we fell.

As we grew older, they were there to lend an ear when we wanted to talk. They were willing to listen to our desperate pleas for them to get us whatever the latest fad was at that time, even if we never got those gadgets we wanted. They served as sounding boards for us when we needed to vent.

They picked us up and set us straight, knowing someday all those things they said to us would make sense and be passed along to another generation. They were always able to provide us with sound advice when we needed it.

They kept on a good path on our own journey to adulthood and beyond. When we occasionally wound up in a ditch, they pulled us out.

She’s your doctor. Your teacher. Your pastor. Your body guard. Your best friend.

The people who care for you, help you, guide you — they’re all rolled into one in your mother.

They ask for little in return, but the debt seems insurmountable.

No card, floral bouquet or special dinner can come close to repaying our mothers for all they have done for us. Don’t forego any of those ideas, just remember to thank her more than just once a year. She deserves much more than that.

There are many quotes out there concerning the importance of mothers in our lives but perhaps none sums it up better than this one: “No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you — life.”

The boundless love in a mother’s heart is, no doubt, why mothers have been elevated and celebrated by civilizations for thousands of years. The Greeks, the Romans, the early Christians all held festivals and services to honor mothers, and today marks the 102th anniversary of the founding of the Mother’s Day holiday in America.

Today is your turn to let her know how special she is. Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere.

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