A number of the current field of candidates for the 2020 nomination for president in the Democratic Party are pushing the so-called "Green New Deal" and "Medicare-for-All" — among other radical proposals — that would cost trillions of dollars, devastate the economy and would be especially destructive to Louisiana families.

Writing in the Advocate of five Democratic candidates who recently spoke at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise said, "I'd like to know if they'll be explaining how their far-left agenda would decimate Louisiana's economy, increase hospital wait times for seniors, and undermine our national security."

He pointed out that candidate and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders' radical plan to outlaw private health insurance, so-called Medicare-for-All, has also been adopted by many of the other candidates as well.

"Even the Congressional Budget Office said this Medicare-for-All pipe dream would increase wait times for seniors, reduce access to care, and require trillions in new taxes," Scalise noted.

In addition, in a Democratic debate, all the candidates raised their hands when asked if they would provide free health care for illegal aliens. President Trump's response to that was, "How about taking care of American citizens first?"

As to the so-called Green New Deal, Scalise noted, "More than 260,000 Louisianans work in the energy industry, and many more work in supporting jobs."

He also said such radical policies as banning fossil fuels and airplanes would also be devastating to Louisiana families.

The congressman praised Louisiana's oil-and-gas revenue-sharing model, which provides millions of dollars for rebuilding vanishing coastlines and funding hurricane protection efforts.

"This year, those funds totaled funds nearly $100 million. Socialist liberals could learn a thing or two about the harmonious link Louisiana has made between abundant energy resources and coastal restoration projects," Scalise said.

The petro-chemical industries have been particularly good for Southwest Louisiana and with the advent of the LNG industry, our area has become a real world-player in energy production that bodes well for future economic growth and prosperity for our people.

Some of the ideas being advanced by the current crop of Democratic Party presidential candidates seem to be tailor-made to hurt Louisiana families. We must all be wary of any policy proposal that doesn't make any economic-sense, or commonsense.

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