BAKER, La. (AP) — A toddler who was playing with a gun found in his home fatally shot himself Wednesday in a suburb of Louisiana's capital city, authorities said.

Baker Police Chief Carl Dunn said a 3-year-old is dead after he pulled the gun's trigger. The shooting was reported around 11:30 a.m. Paramedics pronounced the child dead after arriving at the residence, multiple news agencies reported.

Dunn said the child's father was making lunch when the shooting occurred in another room of the home. He was taken into custody for questioning but no charges have been filed.

“This appears to be a tragic accident,” Dunn said during a news conference at the scene. “Little boys and girls are curious, and tragic things like this can happen.”

Dunn was unable to provide additional details about what happened, including how many shots were fired or whether any other children were playing with it before the shooting happened. At least three other children were in the home, authorities said.

Dunn emphasized that such incidents are preventable, noting that his department gives out gun locks for free. He promised to deliver them to anyone who wants one.

“I believe in gun ownership. I grew up hunting and fishing,” Dunn said. “But as parents, we need to be responsible. … Please, please make your house as safe as possible.”

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