Roof work

A roofing crew works at putting a new roof Monday on a house at the corner of Barbe Woods Drive and W. Sale Road.

The Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana has opened a fast grant program to provide help those nonprofits that were forced to reduce their services or shut down after Hurricane Laura. 

“We have so many outstanding nonprofits in our area that provide very needed services, and so we’re really pleased as the Community Foundation people to help connect those generous contributions to the organizations that do good work in our area,” said CEO Sara Judson. 

The foundation is issuing these rapid grants to current 501c3 nonprofits that are located in areas impacted by Hurricane Laura, primarily SWLA, and nonprofits that are able to demonstrate what their damages were as well as what they would want to use the grant to accomplish. Qualified nonprofits can now apply by filling out a simple form at

“These grant will be for nonprofits providing all sorts of different services … nonprofits with a variety of missions and hoping that they’ll be able to re-engage in their services. All of the organizations have so many different challenges, whether they have building damage or a loss of their technology … or help pay their deductible, whatever those things may be. The application is very simple,” explained Judson. 

The Community Foundation is accepting applications up through mid-October, and the grants are aimed to be received by those nonprofits by the end of the month or early November. 

The grants are made possible using contributions to the Hurricane Relief and Recovery Fund that began raising money in late August, the $6 million in donations coming from around the world. The Foundation has been able to grant more than $1.5 million to nonprofits in Southwest Louisiana. 

“From talking with numerous nonprofit leaders and going out to visit them directly to see some of them in action, providing hurricane relief—frontline work to the people,” expressed Judson, “We have been able to learn about so many needs that these nonprofit organizations have and we really want to be able to use these generous contributions that we received for Hurricane Relief and recovery work in the region to be able to use those to help nonprofits be able to re-engage in their services that they provide for the people in that area.”

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