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Center for Orthopaedics will host a free seminar on regenerative medicine therapies for arthritic and tendon conditions at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 8, at 1741 Imperial Blvd. Led by Dr. Steven Hale, with CFO’s Center for Regenerative Medicine, guests will learn more about breakthrough pain relief therapies administered using the patient’s own blood and bone marrow now available in Southwest Louisiana.

Injectable treatments have been on the market for years as patients suffering from osteo-arthritic conditions and various tendon dysfunction may be familiar with receiving steroid injections to alleviate pain, Dr. Hale said. However, “One of the things that has revolutionized over time is the ability to treat people through some of their own cells.”

The biologic therapies offered by Center for Regenerative Medicine utilize technologies created by iGenesis.  The 20-minute, outpatient procedure involves extracting either platelet rich plasma from a vein or bone marrow from the pelvis and injecting the concentrated plasma or marrow into the site of pain for localized relief.

“There is more and more evidence and literature to support the use of some of our own cells in terms of regenerating some tissues within our bodies,” Dr. Hale said.

With growing evidence for its benefits and little to no side effects besides pain at the injection site, biologics are ideal for patients who do not have advanced forms or arthritis or severe injuries to the muscular system. “We really want to find those people in the middle that are 35, 45 even 55 and have some mild arthritic changes. We’re trying to use this as an attempt to prevent them from developing severe arthritis.”

The benefits of the iGenesis treatment includes reduced pain, improved healing, no threat of rejection of your own cells, increased participation in activities and maintaining independence longer. Hale said one patient reports years of relief between treatments.

Seminar seating is limited and pre-registration is required. To register call, 721-2903 or visit

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