LNG pipe

Ragley residents spoke out Tuesday night regarding the plans for a future gas pipeline compressor station set to be built on Gaytine Road later this year.

Resident Ken Parks approached police jurors during their regular session to ask their help in opposing the proposed location for the compressor station being built by Port Arthur Pipeline through the company, Sempra LNG.

Parks told the American Press that residents are concerned that the station would only add to an already large amount of traffic through the area, as well as threaten property values and the peace of the area enjoyed by homeowners.

“The site they want to build on will be 1,500 to 1,600 feet away from homes including mine, and we believe we have good reason to be worried about the noise levels, safety and lighting,” Parks stated.

Ward 6 police juror John Stebbins heard the concerns with the rest of the panel, but stated that he believed the site would not be all bad news for the area.

With the site, he said, would also come more employment opportunities and ad valorem taxes that can be used to help fund road repairs and local schools.

Projections show that the site could bring in nearly $3 million in tax revenue.

“While I do understand the concerns of the residents living nearest to the site, I also believe that this is an opportunity that will be great for everyone in Ward six,” Stebbins told the American Press.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Stebbins announced that he had been involved in several talks with representatives of Sempra, and that a compromise could see the pipeline station being moved further into the south side of Ragley.

“Sempra is committed to moving the station south.

Now we have to wait on final approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, but I have been told that they are open to these changes,” Stebbins stated.

While the details are still to be finalized, Stebbins said the changes should allow all parties to be pleased with the deal.

“Not everyone in Ward six was opposed to this site, but it is important to me that everyone be happy with the outcome. I have been working behind the scenes to try and find a solution that would work and I think we have one now,” he stated.

Construction on the station is expected to begin this summer.

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