LAKE ARTHUR — Electric golf carts could soon become street legal for adults in Lake Arthur.

The town is considering amending a loosely written golf ordinance to put more teeth into the measure to make the golf carts street legal when driven by adult licensed drivers, according to Mayor Sherry Crochet.

“We had problems where parents were allowing their children to drive the golf carts and they were running stop signs and hitting vehicles, so we had to shut them down,” Crochet said. “This time we will have more stricter rules and require that operators have a valid driver’s license.”

The ordinance would also require electric golf carts have a permit and annual inspection sticker issued by the Lake Arthur Police Department. Headlights, taillights, blinkers and side view mirrors would also be required for any golf cart on the town streets.

Gas golf carts would not be allowed.

The ordinance would allow adults to drive the golf carts from sunrise to sunset, except during inclement weather, Crochet said.

“This would enable people to go to the library, bank, post office or doctor’s office without having to drive a vehicle or walk,” she said.

The carts would not be allowed to drive or cross state highways unless approved by the state.

“The carts can’t just go down the street,” Alderman Poncho Lejeune said. “The state would have to permit them to cross the street at designated crossings.”

Developers Brian Lyons and Gus Scharm, who plan to build 14 Acadiana style homes on Fourth Street, presented suggestions Wednesday for the town to consider.

“... Many people consider Lake Arthur a walkable place to walk to the store or bank, but some people may be be unable to walk,” Scharm said.

Scharm said he considers Lake Arthur a “sleeper market” for people who want to have a weekend place and noted that most resort communities allow golf carts.

Any violation of the ordinance can result in a $100 fine.

The board will consider the ordinance further at its next meeting on Dec. 3.

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