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OBERLIN - Construction on voter approved improvement projects at schools in Kinder are moving forward despite rain delays.

Allen Parish School Superintendent Kent Reed said this week rain effected 24 of the last 31 work days in January for projects at Kinder Elementary, Kinder Middle and Kinder High schools.

The School Board issued bonds for the $9.2 million school renovation and improvement projects last May after voters approved funding for the projects in December 2018.

Plans for Kinder High School include construction of a new gym, removal of asbestos, installation of new windows and air conditioning upgrades. The new gym will include new restrooms and concession stands which will be used during football and basketball games.

Improvements are also proposed for the band and music rooms at Kinder Elementary School and Middle School and security upgrades for all schools.

An old cannery plant used to house pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students has been demolished to make way for a new pre-K and kindergarten wing at the elementary school.

Other plans include enlarging the cafeteria at the elementary and middle school to include new, larger freezers and coolers to store food.

In updating board members on the project this week, Reed said old storm drains and sewer lines under the new kindergarten building have been removed at the elementary and middle school.

Projects slated for this month include installation of catch basin covers, installation of driveway and paving into the site from 13th Street and foundation. Contractors also hope to pour foundation grade beans for the kindergarten building.

Debris removal will also continue.

Refeeding of electrical power to the existing pre-kindergarten will allow the school to set up temporary kitchen equipment and a rental cooler and freezer. The project is expected to be done by the end of February to allow setup and equipment connections during March, he said.

Cafeteria work at the middle school will occur during spring break in mid-April.

The five middle school classrooms will be vacated by the end of May to begin demolition and new construction.

At Kinder High, plumbing rough-in at the new gym has occurred. Electrical refeed of gym and west classroom air condition units have been rerouted across the roof.

Work this month will include demolition in the area of the cooler/freezer and dry storage in the teacher workroom area. Demolition in the area of the new weight room will also occur.

SClBPlumbing rough-in has been completed and plumbing sprinkler underground and electrical rough-in below ground at the new gym will be completed soon. New gym grade beams will also be poured.

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