Hathaway High School and surrounding area

The Jeff Davis School Board is weighing its available options on the purchasing of property adjacent to Hathaway High School for future expansion.

JENNINGS — The Jeff Davis Parish School Board is eyeing a second piece of property adjacent to Hathaway High that officials hope to use to expand the school.

The School Board’s grounds committee on Tuesday agreed to direct the superintendent to begin negotiations for the land, located just south of the school.

Last month the board agreed to buy an acre of land at 4049 Pine Island Highway from the family of Hank Bourque for $115,000, its appraised value. The property includes a house the School Board will remove.

A buy-sell agreement on the property is pending.

Now, the School Board is weighing its options to buy property from A.B. and Monica Blanchard. The property includes an old Catholic church that was renovated into a residence.

“We had looked at two potential pieces of property and made a decision to go with one of the pieces of properties,”  Superintendent Kirk Credeur said.

“In the meantime, the property owners of the other piece of property that we decided not to go forward with have contacted the School Board and indicated that even though they knew their property appraised at a certain value because of a house and amenities, that that particular value wasn’t of the same level of school system and they would be agreeable to some type of negotiation below the appraised value.”

The superintendent will negotiate for the purchase of the additional land to help “square off” the school’s property, School Board District 8 member David Doise said.

“I think we are in agreement that we may want to make an offer,” Doise said. “But I would not want to offer any more than we offered for the first property because basically we are buying the land.”

By law, the School Board can’t pay more than the appraised value of a property.

“We are just trying to grab property because we are landlocked for our plans for the future of Hathaway,” Doise said. 

Among the ideas discussed for the property are a new gym, tennis courts and additional parking.

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