Voting booth

Several Beauregard Parish polling places have been changed ahead of next month’s elections, according to parish officials, as a result of the damages from Hurricane Laura. 

A total of five polling places were approved for emergency changes by the Secretary of State’s office, as was submitted by police jurors last month for some of the parish’s heaviest hit areas. 

Much of the southern part of the parish will be utilizing the South Beauregard District #2 Community Center, located at 6719 Hwy 12 in Ragley, for their new voting location. 

Those who will now be voting at the community center include Precinct 11 voters, who formerly used the Gordon Fire Station in DeQuincy, voters in 12 and 12 B who would have normally cast their votes at the Meadow Village Fire Station in Ragley, and voters in Precinct 12 A who previously voted at the precinct building located on Magnolia Church Road. 

Voters in Precincts 13 and 13 A, and 14 and 14 A should observe that they will now be voting at the South Beauregard Lower Elementary School building located at 12380 US-171 in Longville. 

The change is a slight one for voters in Precincts 13 and 13 A, who previously voted at a South Beauregard school; however voters are advised that they will be voting inside a different building this November. 

Beauregard Parish Police Jury Secretary/Treasurer Shantel Alleman has stated that cards are being printed and mailed out to advise registered voters within these precincts of their new temporary polling places.

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