LAKE ARTHUR - Officials here are poised to vote on an ordinance next month which would make electric and gas golf carts street legal in town.

"We have had several people request that we make the golf carts legal on the streets," Mayor Sherry Crochet said. "It will just be easier for them to get around town ."

The council introduced the ordinance Wednesday which would regulate and allow the golf carts to operate on some town streets after the vehicle receives an annual permit to operate from the Lake Arthur Police Department. The carts would not be allowed to drive or cross state highways unless approved by the state.

"We voted to introduce it tonight (Wednesday) and will vote on it next month," Crochet said. "If approved, we will then proceed to the state to decide which areas will be designated and marked as crossings for Hwy. 26."

Crochet said the ordinance will allow both electric and golf carts to operate on town streets when driven by an adult licensed driver from dawn to dusk. The carts would be required to be off the streets before dark and will not be allowed on the streets during inclement weather including rain and fog, she said.

Children will be allowed as passengers, but will not be allowed to operate the cart. Drivers will be responsible for all passengers, she said.

Operators must also have insurance on the golf carts to be street legal.

In addition, the carts would have to be equipped with headlights, taillights, blinkers and side view mirrors and have an annual permit issued by the Lake Arthur Police Department.

The carts will not be required to have a VIN number of license plate.

Any violation of the ordinance could result in a monetary fine.

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