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Women business leaders in the DeRidder area are banding together to create a network of support to help each other succeed in the world of entrepreneurship.

Group creator Becky Fejarang said that she brainstormed the idea for what is now the Elevate Women in Business group as she experienced the need herself for a group of likeminded women that could encourage and uplift one another as they set out on their own individual goals.

“When I decided to become a full-time entrepreneur, I began looking for groups to join for education, networking and support. I quickly realized our community was lacking such a group, but when I saw that so many other businesswomen were in need of one I decided to create the group myself,” Fejarang stated.

Through the help of her mentor, Chastity Marie, Fejarang visualized and fulfilled her dream in February this year, with the very first Elevate group meeting.

The group meets monthly at the Greater Beauregard Chamber of Commerce office on Washington Street, and together the businesswomen share tips and tricks to educate one another in navigating the ever-evolving business world while also providing a place to lift one another up during the trials that inevitably come their way.

New entrepreneur Neko Simpson described the Elevate group as a “breath of fresh air,” that she said provided a new outlet of support from other women in the business world that often goes unheard from.

“Just being a part of this group has done so much for me in this area. Being able to be amongst other like-minded ladies who freely share with the group helps us all to realize that we can’t help but win when we embrace one another,” Simpson stated.

Simpson said one of the greatest hurdles she has experienced as a businesswoman has been overcoming the mindset that each woman must compete with one another in order to succeed.

“The dynamic of this group has taught each of us that we can all learn from each other and support one another as a team,” Simpson stated.

Fejarang said that learning to support rather than compete in the business world is an attribute that the group strives to imprint upon each of its members.

“Each of us has unique talents and expertise that we can bring to the table and share with each other in a collaborative effort. Those include attraction marketing, social media platforms, leadership and management practices, and by sharing this knowledge with each other we can shorten the path to success and allow everyone to grow in their career fields,” she stated.

The next meeting for Elevate Women in Business is scheduled for May 18 and will discuss small business taxes. Anyone interested in joining the group may reach out to its members through its social media page of the same name.

Online: https://www.facebook.com/ElevateWomeninBusiness/

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