Local photographer Darion Noble used the recent ice storm as an opportunity to seize the artistic day with his aerial photography. A lifetime lover of photography, Noble said last week’s weather served as instant inspiration.

“When I woke up and saw it snowing, I jumped out of bed and said, ‘I’m going to take some pictures.’ But that’s how it is for me just about anytime though,” he chuckled.

His 26 aerial photos showcasing a bird’s eye view of downtown Lake Charles, neighborhoods and parking lots glittering with snow have garnered over 3,000 shares on Facebook. Noble said he plans to add these photos to his Lake Charles scrapbook he’s scheduled to soon wrap up.

The scrapbook will feature a unique view of life in Lake Charles since the beginning of 2020. “I kind of wanted to cover everything we’ve been going through in the Lake Charles area. Beautiful pictures of the city before the hurricanes. Then it’s going to eventually lead into things getting closed down with COVID, pictures of the protests and I’m going to start showing off some of the storm damage after Laura hit.”

His upcoming scrapbook will include aerial images of the community as well of iPhone photography with a special emphasis on the damaged historic buildings.  

“That’s because a lot of places don’t exist or won’t exist anymore eventually. It’ll allow people to have memories of certain places that will never be there again. It’ll be something that can be passed on, like a generational gift.”

Noble said he learned photography from his father and always had a passion for nature. “I was fascinated with all types of animals and I also used to love technology and things that fly.”

Growing up he always enjoyed remote control airplanes, so the advent of drone technology was a perfect creative fit. “I literally took my passion to the sky,” he said.

Noble has grown his passion into a profession with his aerial photography company The Reel TM but still makes time to focus on one of his earliest loves, nature. “The other day I saw a really pretty eagle. I grabbed my drone but once I get to flying, I might be chasing the eagle at one point but can still take pictures of other things while I’m up there,” he said.

His drone is capable of taking video but still shots are his personal favorite while flying. “I like to slow things down and let people take their time and really look at an image.”

Drones and drone photography is here to stay he added because of their versatility as demonstrated in his portfolio of work. “It provides so many opportunities that normal photographers don’t have. You get to be in places you normally can’t reach and see things you otherwise wouldn’t see.”

To learn more about Darion Noble or The Reel TM visist www.thereeltm.com or www.facebok.com/darion.noble.

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