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The Louisiana Supreme Court issued an order on Monday stipulating that no civil or criminal jury trial shall commence in any Louisiana state court before March 1 due to ongoing issues regarding the continuing spread of COVID-19.

Civil and criminal jury trials that are in progress as of the date of this order may continue to conclusion, in the discretion of the local court.

Grand jury proceedings may continue and are not suspended by this order.

New grand juries may be impaneled as necessary.

Courts are expressly authorized to continue to conduct in-person proceedings on all matters other than trial by jury. Therefore, for cases involving trial by jury, courts may conduct in-person proceedings in a pre-trial and post-trial posture.

This new order is simply in consideration of ongoing public health recommendations to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus and slowing of the disease while balancing the need to protect the constitutional rights and public safety of the citizens of the state while maintaining access to Louisiana courts.

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