drug bust

A kilo of cocaine and 60 bottles of Promethazine were discovered Tuesday night during a search of a double-decker bus headed from Houston to New Orleans.

George Pottinger

George Pottinger


Albert Williams

A bomb threat investigation that tied up traffic on Interstate 10 eastbound near PPG Drive for nearly three hours Tuesday night has resulted in three arrests on drug charges.

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Manucso said deputies received a bomb threat to a double-decker commercial bus traveling from Houston to New Orleans while emergency medical technicians were treating one of the passengers for chest pains.

“Deputies started clearing the bus, got the passengers to a safe location and because the bus was close to the interstate, closed down that side of the interstate in case there was a bomb,” Mancuso said. “While they were unloading the bus, a guy takes off running. They chased him down and lo and behold he has a bag of cocaine.”

Mancuso said the bag contained almost a kilogram.

“The value of the cocaine is about $25,000 wholesale, but they can make enough crack cocaine out of that to get about $100,000 to $150,000,” he said.

After the man was detained, Louisiana State Police bomb technicians, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and CPSO bomb-sniffing dogs cleared the bus. 

“There was no bomb on the bus, but the drug dogs found 60 bottles of Promethazine, which is a cough syrup,” Mancuso said. “It costs a pharmacy about 69 cents to $1 for it, but it sales on the street for about $200 a bottle.”

Mancuso said a bag of money was also found that none of the passengers claimed. 

“This turned from a medical emergency to a bomb threat to drugs,” Mancuso said.

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