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AFTER: A recent roof replacement job completed by Southside Roofing.

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Lake Charles is home to a new roofing company. July, 2019 Southside Roofing opened its offices at 1219 Hwy. 171 in Lake Charles.

"We're licensed, bonded and insured," said Shannon Colley, Southside Roofing marketing and business development manager. "Estimates are free, and we've been busy ever since we've set up shop here. I think it's because we put our customer's satisfaction first and foremost."

Southside Roofing Company repairs and replaces asphalt, metal and flat roofs and can help homeowners with certain home improvement projects, for instance certain woodwork, soffits, fascia and sheetrock.

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AFTER: Another recent quality roofing job completed by Southside roofing.

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"We're not handymen working out of a truck," Colley said. "The company's owner, Billy Savely Sr., opened his first office 30 years ago, and was in the roofing business for many years before that time."

He saw a need and he filled it, according to Colley. This is Southside Roofing Company's third office location in Southwest Louisiana.

"Our customer service and sales staff are knowledgeable," Colley said. "We don't just get you an estimate, we'll give you get an education. We'll tell you exactly what's going on with your roof, how it will be repaired or replaced and how its integrity can be maintained, thus our slogan, ‘Never sign a blank contract.'"

Here's how the process works. Southside Roofing Company can set an appointment for someone to come out and look at the roof. The estimate is based on those findings. Southside Roofing's staff includes an insurance specialist who has had an active Louisiana adjuster license for 20 years.

"His expertise helps especially when dealing with insurance companies," Colley said.

Southside Roofing offers a five-year workmanship warranty and the roof product warranty, depending on the customer's selection.

"We are partnered with a company that offers financing to approved applicants," Colley said.

Most jobs take about a day to complete, but of course it depends on the size of the project."

Currently Southside Roofing is offering $100 for each referral for roof purchased and $250 off for First Responders, Veterans and Active Military.

Southside Roofing also offers a free roof every quarter to a needy family. The company's website,, has an area where people can nominate someone and tell their story.

With regard to home repairs, homeowners may be able to delay some projects until the weather permits or they find room in their budget. But the roof can demand immediate action.

"I want to urge home and business owners to check their roofs with all the hail and wind we've been having," Colley said.

Worn shingles should lie flat against the roof so any that appear to be buckling or turning up are damaged and in need of repair. A single damaged shingle does not require a full roof replacement, but inspect all the shingles nonetheless.

"If you clean your gutters and downspouts and find lots of shingle granules, you should probably take a closer look," Colley said.

Asphalt shingle roofs typically last 20 to 25 years. Roof installed over layers of shingles may need to be replaced after 20 years.

"If not handled quickly, roof leaks will eventually lead to wood deterioration and rusting steel that can compromise a building's structure," said Colley. It just makes sense to rely on the experience of a company that makes customer satisfaction the top priority."

Call 337-766-3464 to find out more.

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