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Why wait until Valentine's Day to show some love? It's a topsy-turvy world we live in. Who knows what the future may bring, and Feb. 14 is almost 200 days away.

And — for the relentlessly pragmatic and fiscally conservative — now is the time to take advantage of some very special cash and carry pricing from Wendi's Flower Cart: $19.99 for one dozen wrapped red roses.

"Most people associate giving red roses with romantic attraction or deep and abiding love," said Ray Bustillo, Wendi's Flower Cart. "Make no mistake, the rose is and will continue to be the flower of love. However, this cash and carry special is so popular, Wendi's customers take advantage of it to bring joy into the lives of family and friends, to make the house more cheerful, or to decorate before a dinner party. I've never seen anyone turn down red roses, have you?"

Psychologists at Rutgers set out to uncover how a group of people responded to receiving flowers from an anonymous giver, according to a blog on the website Bloom Magic. They all smiled, not the fake smile some people don to keep from hurting the giver's feelings, but a real "Duchenne smile" which involves involuntary reflexes. Researchers also discovered that, in addition to true smiles, those who receive flowers become warm and more engaging.

"Flowers make the heart happy," said Bustillo. "We didn't need a psychological study to determine that. We see it every day. It not only makes the receiver happy. It makes the giver happy."

During the Victorian era, Floriography, blossomed. It's the language of flowers and this is when certain emotions and sentiments were assigned to certain flowers.

"It's fun to study the meaning of flowers," said Bustillo. "For instance, legend has it that concealing a snapdragon makes a person appear fascinating. Traditionalists may still request an all-white order of flowers for a funeral or red roses for Valentine's Day, but with more flowers available throughout the year and a general relaxing of the rules as the years go by, it's up to the sender to decide what he or she wants to send. The main thing is to not overthink it. No matter what you send, it will be appreciated."

The receiver will be happy. The most frugal of flower givers will get the best of prices, and can share the tips above to make Wendi's Flower Cart cash and carry deal last even longer (thus prolonging the warm and engaging payoff of flowers).

For those who want to show some love with a rose of another color or the power of a different flower, rest assured, Wendi's Flower Cart satisfies with its offering of beautiful flowers for all occasions and a staff that is creative and attentive.

It's a topsy-turvy world we live in. Who knows what tomorrow might bring. Why not plan for it to include flowers? Call 337-474-5236 to place an order or drop by our store during business hour, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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