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Looking for something new to watch on TV? From now until April 30, get 10 VHS tapes transferred to CDs for $149.50 (50% off the regular price).

Some people are making practical use of time at home during a difficult season. They are spring-cleaning, decorating, organizing and de-cluttering.

PhotoTek drivethru

PhotoTek is open and doing business responsibly through the drive-through window, above, by appointment and via U.S. mail and same-day delivery and online.

PhotoTek can help. They are open and doing business responsibly and at a distance – online, through the drive-thru window, by appointment and via U.S. mail and same-day delivery – for those who want to:

1. Develop cell phone and other photos.

2. Have photos and photo albums copied onto discs.

3. Make copies of special photos and send those, with a note or card, to friends and family. (Remember, Mother's Day will be here before you know it!)

4. Gather old slides and home movies, including VHS tapes and transfer to CDs. (Special discount pricing available for a limited time.)

5. Transfer child's art to canvas or scan all those pages and put it on a single disc.

6. Hang and frame a cherished photo.

7. Help 2020 high school seniors focus on a project they'll enjoy.

8. Capture this unprecedented time in the world with photos or a memory book for future generations.

"You can order from the website 24/7, drop off or pick up at the drive thru," said Paula Stebbins, PhotoTek owner. "We can even ship U.S. Mail, and now we are offering same-day delivery via GOPHR."

PhotoTek memories

In addition to transferring VHS tapes to DVDs, PhotoTek can copy old family photos, slides and children’s art onto discs too.

Customers interested in same-day delivery should contact PhotoTek to determine availability.

In-store consultations are available, but it's important to call ahead, according to Stebbins.

The number of customers inside the store will be limited to two. Social distancing is paramount, and PhotoTek will be thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting after each appointment. Calling ahead also ensures a staff person will be available.

PhotoTek drive-thru window hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday during the stay-at-home order.

PhotoTek in Lake Charles

PhotoTek of Lake Charles is located at 4430 Nelson Road.

To coincide with the opportunity to use this time for something positive, PhotoTek is offering a special discount on transfers of VHS tapes, 10 tapes for $149.50. That's half the normal price, and this offer is good through April 30.

Fun project for high school seniors

Graduating seniors have certainly had a year to remember. It's no surprise they are disappointed their final year wasn't marked in the expected ways.

However, parents can turn their attention to a project that celebrates them. The "Memory Mash Up" is a compilation of photos and videos set to music. Seniors can pick their favorite tunes and photos. These compilations can include videos such as family birthday parties, selfies, exciting sports stills, fishing trips and baby's first steps.

The "Memory Mash Up" can then be presented when the timing is right and everyone is joined together to appreciate, congratulate and celebrate the senior.

How will future
generations 'see' this pandemic?

"We want our customers, their children and future generations to be able to reminisce over old photographs and movies," said Paula Stebbins, "even photos that might one day allow them to tell their grandchildren about how it felt to live through COVID-19."

People have used cell phones to take photos of empty shelves, people in masks and flowers blooming in the midst of news reports about the number of deaths so far.

"Develop those photos," said Stebbins. "Keep notes or a journal about what's going on, isolation, hoarding, fear, an appreciation of the little things in life, what's going on at work or the consequences of being out of work."

This is history. There's never been anything like it, ever. Capture its impact in a photo. Use this time for something good and lasting, to ensure your family's photos will be around 50 years from now for the next generation.

Go to PhotoTek of Lake Charles on Facebook, or call (337) 474-2213 to find out more.

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