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"From the Garden" Bouquet

Only one thing is better than sending roses to show your love or appreciation on Valentine's Day, and that's getting those roses delivered from Wendi's Flower Cart — absolutely free — when you order right away. Delivery is available throughout Lake Charles, Sulphur, Westlake and Moss Bluff.

"The main thing is, to take advantage of this offer you must call (337) 474-5236 or come in early and pay by Monday, Feb. 3," said Ray Bustillo, Wendi's Flower Cart. "That's less than a week away."

Customers who have shopped Wendi's Flower Cart for years know just how busy the little yellow shop gets the closer it gets to Feb. 14. Often it's been necessary to get a law enforcement officer to flag traffic on Valentine's Day, a testament to Wendi's quality, service and pricing.

Procrastinate and you miss out on free delivery. A Society of American Florists survey suggests than many "men would rate higher on the romance scale if they simply planned their Valentine's Day activities before the last minute."

Bustillo points out that Valentine's Day bouquets are not only sent as a romantic gesture from a man to a woman. Women send flowers to men and to other women to signify appreciation. Fathers and mothers send bouquets to adult children and grandchildren.

"Red roses are far and away our best seller on Valentine's Day," Bustillo said, "and symbolize love."

Coming in behind red roses as a Valentine's Day favorite are pink roses, which signify gratitude, appreciation and admiration.

Deep red carnations also symbolize love and affection, while the lighter color represents admiration.

Not everyone can be an Elizabeth Barrett Browning, author of the 43rd sonnet, "How Do I Love Thee," or a Dolly Parton, country music singer and songwriter who wrote the song, "I Will Always Love You." Words only go so far when it comes to expressing love, respect, thanks, honor, support, passion, congratulations or friendship.

"That's what flowers are for," Bustillo said.

Flowers speak volumes, assuring the recipient of the place he or she holds in your heart. The right flowers can light up a face and a space.

"I wouldn't go so far as to say that giving roses could spark a romance, keep the romance going or reignite the fire in a long-term relationship," Bustillo said, "but by the looks on the faces of the women who receive them on Valentine's Day — even those who claim to be practical and unromantic — you can't go wrong with roses, especially roses with free delivery."

Find out why customers have trusted Wendi's Flower Cart to help them communicate their deepest feelings with flowers for 35 years. Give them a chance to earn your business. To find out more, go to wendisflowercart.com or call (337) 474-5236.

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