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Next up for Trouth, Oaked Otoro, Yellowfin Otoro Single Estate Vodka rested with American oak.

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Yellowfin Distillery is gearing up to release several new products this fall. Owner Jamison Trouth is most excited about one in particular, Oaked Otoro.

"I've been planning to experiment with oaking vodka since before opening the distillery to the public," Trouth said.

When Oaked Otoro is released, it will only be found at the distillery.

"Batches will be released, feedback will be considered and the experiment will continue," Trouth said. "So if you would like to help shape a completely new spirit category, join the fun."

To understand what Oaked Otoro will be, Trouth explained what's been happening with the Yellowfin brand in the last year or so. Every bottle that leaves Yellowfin Distillery is now labeled ‘Single Estate.' This is a category of spirits that is the true definition of craft.

"Being a single estate spirit means the manufacturer commits to purchasing all or most of their raw materials from a specific geographic region," Trouth said. "The spirits are then made from raw material to finished product at a single estate or location."

Yellowfin also rebranded its original ‘Yellowfin Vodka' to ‘Yellowfin Otoro Single Estate Vodka.'

"Otoro is the fatty, most highly prized portion of a tuna," Trouth said. "It is generally associated with Bluefin Tuna but Otoro can be found in smaller species of tuna as well."

This rebranding was done to make room for ‘Yellowfin Single Estate Vodka,' a more traditional, more neutral version of the original.

Now that we have more information, it is easier to see that Oaked Otoro is Yellowfin Otoro Single Estate Vodka (the original) that has been rested with toasted and charred oak.

Team Yellowfin has been experimenting and testing for some time and now has formula approval for its newest creation.


Otoro is the fatty, most desirable portion of tuna and literally melts in your mouth.

"It is exceptionally smooth," Trouth said, "and similar to bourbon."


"All aged spirits are clear like vodka before they are introduced to toasted and charred wood," Trouth said.

Oaked Otoro will drop at the distillery with two styles (light and dark) and two different price points. Yellowfin is planning for the first batch to be released in October.

Yellowfin is also working to make Yellowfin Single Estate Vodka taste even more neutral to accommodate low calorie options such as vodka waters, vodka sodas, dirty martinis, etc. Yellowfin Single Estate Vodka Geaux Pokes Edition was released in late 2019 with a lower price point and with less character than the original vodka.

"Yellowfin is what I buy personally," said Jason LaBove. He's the assistant manager and mixologist at Restaurant Calla. "I sip it neat. Some vodkas finish on the tongue like a rough cattle guard. Others go down like a slip and slide. Otoro is a much smoother ride."

When asked about support from local retailers, Trouth said, "Restaurant Calla has been behind us since the day we began. My original product is very different from others in the same category. Calla has been a huge help in educating consumers on Yellowfin. People like what they're used to. If something is different than the norm, it's easy to immediately dismiss it. But those that are a little open minded may enjoy something new and different before the rest realize they've been missing out."

The new label for Yellowfin Single Estate Vodka is scheduled to be released this fall featuring custom artwork by marine artist, Steve Whitlock. The new product will also offer an even more neutral taste than the Geaux Pokes Edition. Geaux Pokes Edition will change formulas to match this new, more neutral profile. By the way, each purchase of a Geaux Pokes Edition product, Yellowfin Distillery donates a portion of profits directly to McNeese State University.

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When it was clear more hand sanitizer was needed, Yellowfin got busy and started producing it. You can purchase Yellowfin hand sanitizer at the distillery in Sulphur located at 1716 East Burton Street in Sulphur.


Another exciting change this fall will be the introduction of new sizes of Yellowfin and Yellowfin Otoro. The first new size will be a 1.75-liter handle. You'll be able to purchase all of their clear spirits in this size at the distillery this fall.

As always, you can bring your empty Yellowfin bottles to the distillery for a refill at a discount. "Our recycle program is a great way to help protect the environment and get a deal at the same time," said Trouth.

Yellowfin sanitizer bottles are also eligible for the recycle program. Yellowfin is still manufacturing hand sanitizer at the distillery and will continue to do so as long as there is a need.

Follow Yellowfin Distillery on Instagram & Facebook for upcoming release dates and more.

Or, visit the distillery in person for a free tour and tasting at 1716 E Burton St. in Sulphur. Open Monday - Thursday 11 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and Friday 11 a.m - 2 p.m.

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Yellowfin Distillery is gearing up to release several new products this fall. Owner Jamison Trouth is most excited about one in particular, Oaked Otoro.

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