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Golf Cars Unlimited is located at 5606 Common St. in Lake Charles.


Golf Cars Unlimited has accessories, new carts and used carts in stock. However, selection is “limited.” Owner Mike Heinen and Manager Chris Gentry said inventory is being coordinated to build carts ready for sale.


Golf Cars Unlimited has accessories, new carts and used carts in stock. However, selection is “limited.” Owner Mike Heinen and Manager Chris Gentry said inventory is being coordinated to build carts ready for sale.

Golf Cars Unlimited is open for business and has accessories, as well as new and used carts in stock. However, selection is "limited," owner Mike Heinen said, and chuckled at using the word "limited" to describe the inventory of Golf Cars Unlimited for the first-time ever.

"We are coordinating our inventory and building carts that are ready for sale," he said. "What's happening here with inventory and delivery, is also happening across the nation. Many dealers have not been able to keep up with the demand. We are fortunate to have had such a large inventory that only recently have we run short on a few items."

Social distancing to help control the spread of the coronavirus has meant an increase in the purchase of certain goods that make it easier for folks to get out and about while distancing themselves from others, for instance boats, RVs, bicycles and even golf carts.

"Another thing that's impacting the supply of used carts are golf courses," Heinen said. "They need more carts than usual because players are required to ride only one to a cart, and that's where we get many of our used carts."

Heinen said his orders for carts and accessories can take longer to ship these days.

"Most of our suppliers in our industry have backorders on many items," he said. "Even our new cart supply has been affected by the limited availability of accessories."

Golf Cars Unlimited is limiting repairs now because of the large number of carts currently being repaired and the nationwide shortage of parts and accessories.

"We have to make sure we have the parts in stock or our supplier can get them to us before we will take a cart in for repair," said Chris Gentry, manager of Golf Cars Unlimited.

Heinen and Gentry are hopeful that things will "level out" and "are very grateful" for customers who have made Golf Cars Unlimited a thriving business for the last 14 years.

The increase in sales in the past five years, up until this point, mirrors the popularity of the golf cart. Golf carts are no longer just for the golf course, and plenty of summer days are left to get one and take it to a local beach.

Golf carts are energy efficient, cheaper to buy and less expensive to maintain than regular cars.

"Customers are driving their carts to the grocery store, to church and to ride around the neighborhood," said Heinen. "They use their carts to visit with neighbors — at a safe distance."

Resorts, hotels, multi-family housing properties, farms, ranches and industrial sites use golf carts.

Golf Cars Unlimited at 5606 Common St. in Lake Charles offers gas, diesel, electric, HP Lead Acid and HP lithium models. Warranties are one year for all used carts and two or more years for new Club Car Onwards, Villagers and XRT models.

Golf Cars Unlimited

Financing is available for qualified applicants for as low as 0% for new Club Car Onwards and 3.99% for used carts.

Golf Cars Unlimited is one of only 47 out of 600 Club Car dealerships across the country to receive the prestigious Black and Gold Club Car Award last year.

To find out more, go to or call 337-564-6613. Check out the Golf Cars Unlimited Golf Cart Dealership Lake Charles Facebook page for up-to-date info and to see what's available.

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