SATISFIED CLIENTS: Zeb Johnson and Graham Hankins visit with Connie Seal, Connie’s Menswear.

Busy professionals who don't have the time or inclination to shop…men who understand the importance of making a great, lasting impression…and the women who love them rely on Connie's Menswear.

"I simplify the shopping experience," said Connie Seal, owner, "which is especially appreciated this time of the year. Imagine a one-stop shopping experience without having to leave the office. Or, customers can schedule an appointment to come to Connie's Menswear shop if they prefer."

Many times it's the woman in the family who realizes how much her husband, father, son or brother could benefit from wearing clothing that makes him look and feel his best. Gift certificates are available and can be combined with a few accessories for the perfect under-the-tree gift. Connie's Menswear wraps gifts for free.


SATISFIED CLIENTS: Paul Stark, New York Life financial advisor, appreciates the quality and fit of Connie’s Menswear clothing.

This local, by-appointment men's clothing business offers custom-tailored name brand suits, sport coats, tuxedos, dress shirts and pants. Connie's Menswear also offers off-the-rack clothing and accessories based on the needs of clients. Alterations are available on these purchases.


SATISFIED CLIENTS:Andy Hankins values time, quality and convenience. Connie’s Menswear understands those standards.

"Men are always surprised to discover their bodies aren't symmetrical, which is only one of the reasons off-the-rack clothing is not always flattering," she said. "You might have a large neck and a small torso or vice versa, be an average-sized guy with longer than average arms. I think every guy deserves the comfort and confidence of looking his best."

Once measurements are on file, customers can call or text in their orders.

"Time is so important," said Zeb Johnson, Johnson Funeral Homes.

He's been doing business with Connie Seal for 30 years.


Connie’s Menswear offers the latest fabrics and styles in clothing that allows men to look their best for any occasion.

"Connie knows what I like," Zeb said. "Sometimes she shows me something new that she thinks will interest me when she drops off my order. She's usually right."

"She knows my taste, my style, and the nature of my business," said Andy Hankins, Johnson Funeral Homes, "and she's not shy about telling you if a certain color or style is not right for you. Once she takes your measurements, she keeps them on file, and that really simplifies placing orders."

"I work in Dallas, Houston and New Orleans, said New York Life Financial Advisor Paul Stark, "and people often ask me where I get my clothing. I appreciate how Connie has streamlined the shopping experience, but I have to be honest, it's the quality, the fit and the look that keeps me shopping with Connie's Menswear."

"Shopping local is important," said Connie Seal, "but when it comes to purchasing menswear, I believe it's imperative because I'm here to help if you lose a button — or a few pounds. When you don't buy local, I'm not sure how you'd handle that."

Buying from Connie's Menswear may also be a more affordable option than renting formalwear year after year.

"Men who decide to buy a tuxedo for special events throughout their lifetime, or just that one perfect suit or blazer never regret their first Connie's Menswear purchase," Connie said.


You could rent a tux or formal wear for Mardi Gras and other special occasions, or you can purchase one made just for your measurements from Connie’s Menswear.

Holiday gatherings and Mardi Gras events will soon add to the hustle and bustle of already busy days. Simplify life. Call Connie's Menswear at (337) 494-0672 and discover the secret to satisfying Santas of all shapes and sizes this season. Visa and Mastercard accepted. Hours are Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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Busy professionals who don't have the time or inclination to shop…men who understand the importance of making a great, lasting impression…and the women who love them rely on Connie's Menswear.

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