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Check out the new six-seater Club Car ONWARD® at Golf Cars Unlimited.

Golf Cars Unlimited

Golf Cars Unlimited in Lake Charles is the place to shop for more: more new and used cars to choose from, the newest Club Cars with more seating and batteries that deliver more power.


Need seats for eight? Pull four behind!

"Right now, I have more new and used cars than I've ever had before," owner Mike Heinen said, "including the new Club Car ONWARD® six seater."


Customize a car to fit your style and interests.

With the six-seat passenger Club Car ONWARD® from Golf Cars Unlimited you can bring along the whole family, pick up neighbors for dinner, or party with your crew (or krewe) while you're on your way to the party.

Purchase the good-looking, high performance ONWARD® six-, four- or two-seater base model. Or, customize it with a lift kit, speaker system, LED light kit, fold-down seats, wheels, tires, brush guard, decorative grill accent, steering wheel, enclosure, fender flares, and the color of your choice: candy apple red, platinum, sapphire, mocha, glacier white or black.

"When it comes to color and design, the sky is pretty much the limit," said Heinen. "Oh, and we can do the sky, too, if that's what you want."


Customize a car to fit your style and interests.

Heinen and Golf Cars Unlimited Manager Chris Gentry have been busy this week. They just finished up a purple, green and gold Mardi Gras-themed golf cart that will be used in a giveaway promotion. This week they're at the national Club Car dealer meeting.

Why lithium batteries?

In addition to having the new ONWARD® six-seater in stock, Golf Cars Unlimited now has lithium batteries.

"Usually a standard quality lead-acid battery is good for about 200 to 300 cycles," said Gentry. "The lithium battery is good for 10 times that amount. It's lighter. It charges faster, and you'll enjoy a more powerful riding experience climbing hills and so forth."


Customize a car to fit your style and interests.


Warmer temperatures will be here before you know it, which means more opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air as you drive your cart to the grocery store, the lake, or the Little League game.

"Now's really the perfect time to bring in your golf car for preventative maintenance or to get it customized," Heinen said. "Whether you use it for fun or you're in charge of maintaining a small fleet, you can trust us to service your golf car in a way that can help keep it running at its best for longer – and we can turn around the job quickly."

Golf Cars Unlimited is a full-service maintenance facility. Heinen added service space last year to make a total of six lifts. On site work and pickup service is also an option.

According to Club Car, Golf Cars Unlimited goes above and beyond in sales and service, receiving the "Black and Gold Club Car Dealer Award" designation.


Golf Cars Unlimited owner Mike Heinen said that when it comes to color and design, the sky is pretty much the limit. Colorful seating is just one customizing option available.

What to expect
 when you visit

"Search the large inventory of gas and electric models," Heinen said. "The last time we inventoried, we had over 200 models. Used-car pricing starts at about $2,500. If you don't find a new or pre-owned cart that looks exactly like you want, chose a raw cart. Pavilion cart prices are tagged. We can add or take off any items and adjust the price. We build the cart to your specifications."

Customizing takes about a week, and sometimes only a few days. Trade-ins are accepted and financing may be available for certain models for approved applicants.

The golf cart has bolted from the golf course to become the transportation of choice for men and women in every season of their lives and for every season because they're energy efficient, better for the environment, fun to drive and cheaper to buy and less expensive to maintain than an automobile.

"They're everywhere, Heinen said, "in resort communities, neighborhoods, hunting leases, at the local plants and in parades."

Golf Car Unlimited

Golf Cars Unlimited is located at 5606 Common St. 

What will you use yours for? Let the folks know at Golf Cars Unlimited when you visit. Call (337) 564-6613 to find out more.

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