If I had a nickel for every time I came back from my lunch break with a drink, set it on my desk and then later when I went to take a sip, had to clean up the condensation from the cup that is now leaking on my paperwork, I’d be able to buy the office lunch! This happened to me again the other day and I decided that I need a coaster at my desk. Instead of just buying one, I thought I would make one using left over pebbles, seashells, and beads. 

This craft is simple to make and it would do well inside the house/office or even for covered outdoor kitchens. A set of 4 would make a great housewarming gift.


• Cork – any shape (I chose round.)

• Aileen’s Tacky Glue

• Small pebbles or seashell pieces

• Seed beads

I started in the middle of the cork with my glue. I got a big enough glue circle to start placing my pebbles. I placed them in a circular pattern and continued this pattern to the edge. For the next step, I placed the coaster in a container to keep the beads from going all over the table and floor. To fill the spaces between the pebbles and to add color, I sprinkled seed beads on top and pressed them into the glue. Any seed bead run-off, I gathered to one side of the box and filled in the edges by running the coaster edge through the bead pile. I let this dry and brushed off any beads that did not get nestled into glue. 

For my seashell coaster, I used the same process; however, I laid out my design beforehand to make sure the seashells would fit. I used white pearl seed beads instead of colored beads.

The sky’s the limit with this craft. You can design your coaster to fit any holiday, mood, or décor you can think of. Hope this craft has given you inspiration…

As always, happy crafting!

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